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Amazon has Bosch Pocket Driver Kits on Sale for Black Friday

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Bosch’s 12V Max cordless screwdriver is very good at driving screws to repeatable depths.

Do you need it? No.

Should you consider it? Sure.

Impact drivers are great for driving in longer fasteners. But a traditional drill with adjustable torque clutch still can’t be beat for lighter and repeatable fastening tasks.

Bosch’s 12V Max cordless screwdriver – their “Pocket Driver” – is like a cordless drill, but with a quick-change 1/4″ hex chuck. It’s a great complement to any cordless drill or impact driver.

Sale Price: $80.10 for the 2-battery kit

Bosch 12V Cordless Screwdriver and Impact Driver Kit CLPK27-120

This Bosch 12V cordless screwdriver and impact driver is also worth considering. It’s similar to the Pocket Driver kit, but also gives you an impact driver for just $9 more.

Sale Price: $89 for the 2-battery kit

Bosch 12V Brushless Pocket Driver Kit GSR12V-300HXB22

The brushed motor Pocket Driver is a bit long in the tooth, but perfectly functional. If you want a more compact tool with greater power efficiency, you’ll want to step up to this brushless model.

You also get higher capacity batteries; this kit comes with 2Ah batteries, while it looks like the brushed motor kits come with 1.5Ah batteries.

Sale Price: $109 for the 2-battery kit

Bosch 12V Cordless FlexiClick Drill Driver with Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Bosch 12V Max brushless FlexiClick tool is similar to the Pocket Driver, but with a modular design where you can swap out the different tool heads.

At the least, it’s a cordless drill with the standard 3-jaw chuck, or cordless screwdriver with the quick-change chuck attachment. The offset and right angle heads will also help you out when working in tight spaces.

This kit comes with the FlexiClick set, plus a Starlock-equipped brushless oscillating multi-tool.

Sale Price: $149 for the kit

These aren’t the most powerful cordless screwdrivers on the market, but they’re good.

Every year I check for cordless screwdriver deals, as it’s a hugely underrated category. There are too few deals this year, but luckily Bosch came through again.

If you can only buy one cordless driving tool, make it an 18V drill. If you have have two, make it an impact driver if you mainly work with longer or larger screws, or one of these cordless Pocket Drivers – or similar – if you work with smaller fasteners and wood screws.