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New Gearwrench MegaMod Mechanics Tool Sets

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Gearwrench is coming out with new MegaMod mechanics tool sets, featuring tools kitted with custom-cut foam trays.

I first noticed an influx of new Gearwrench tool sets a few weeks ago, and they all seemed to feature the same tools but in foam trays at inflated pricing.

It seemed almost newsworthy, but to be frank the pricing differential all but diminished my personal interest.

Gearwrench MegaMods Coming Soon Teaser

Thanks to a reader heads-up (thank you Fred!), we now know it’s part of an upcoming Gearwrench launch.

Digging into things, Gearwrench MegaMod is a system of modular tool sets.


Introducing [Gearwrench] MEGAMODS: Tool sets built around what you need and want. Each set has been individually curated to contain the right tools for the job, organized in the most efficient way possible.

Gearwrench Mechanics Tools in Foam Tray in Tool Box

It looks like the tool sets and trays are sized to fit Gearwrench tool chests and cabinets, such as the new GSX roller cabinet that recently came out and is selling for $5000-$5500. Hopefully their tool trays fit other brands’ tool chests, cabinets, and carts as well.

Gearwrench 120XP Socket Set with Pre-Cut Foam Tray
Earlier Gearwrench mechanics tool set with foam tray

The sets have a slightly different look that Gearwrench’s prior foam-try-kitted tool sets.

Gearwrench Mechanics Tool Set in Foam Tray

These new sets have an orange base and black foam top layer. The foam is marked where it seems helpful, such as with socket sizes.

Gearwrench Pliers Set in Foam Tray

The pricing seems a bit high, but could soften in time.

For example, a Gearwrench 6pc Pitbull pliers set is currently ~$94 at Amazon. If you want the 5pc set with foam tray, it’s currently priced at just over $120 at Amazon. Home Depot has it for $129.

Not everyone is going to have the patience to custom-cut their own foam trays out of Kaizen foam or tool control foam, and custom-cutting services can be pricey.

Gearwrench MegaMods make it easier to have a fully organized tool kit.

Gearwrench MegaMod Tool Set Options

I think that the greatest appeal will be from the tool users buying a whole lot of tools and sets at once.

A lot of other premium mechanics tool brands already offer similar, with some specializing in modular tool kits like these, but it’s always good to have more options.

I am happy to see the brand expanding in this direction, and it will be interesting to see if Gearwrench’s offerings gain traction.