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Makita 18V LXT 6-inch Pruning Saw

The Makita 18V 6-inch Pruning Saw Makes Quick Work of Your Trimming Needs

Battery power has advanced leaps and bounds over the past few years, especially in the power tool and OPE world. Taking advantage of this step up in power, we’ve seen a number of brands release cordless tools like pruning saws, eliminating the headaches that come with their gas counterparts. Today, we’re looking at Makita’s cordless 6-inch pruning saw to see what it brings to the ring.

Makita Pruning Saw Performance

  • Model: Makita XCU14
  • Chain speed: 1570 FPM
  • Up to 140 cuts in 2-inch cedar per charge
  • 4-inch cutting capacity
  • Brushless motor

The Makita XCU14 pruning saw uses a brushless motor to deliver chain speeds of up to 1570 FPM. Using the 2.0Ah battery included with the kit, you can achieve up to 140 cuts per charge in 2-inch softwood. To increase your runtime, you can swap to a higher-capacity battery if you have one on hand, but keep in mind it might affect the tool’s balance.

This tool also features Makita’s Star Protection technology, which protects against overloading, overheating, and over-discharge.

Makita Pruning Saw Design

  • Guide bar length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds bare; 3.7 pounds with battery
  • Tool-free chain adjustment
  • Retractable guard
  • Soft-grip handle
  • XPT provides dust and water resistance

As a 6-inch chainsaw, you have a 4-inch cutting capacity using the XCU14. This makes it ideal for trimming small branches on trees and shrubs around your property. For professional lawn care and landscaping crews, this tool also makes for a compact option to bring between jobs for small pruning tasks, letting you avoid gassing up the big guns.

Makita keeps it lightweight, too, with a weight of just 3.7 pounds using a 2.0Ah battery. Combined with the soft-grip handle, this design helps ease fatigue during use.

Other design features include a retractable blade guard and a tool-free chain adjustment.

Finally, this tool is equipped with XPT technology, providing dust and water resistance.

Makita Pruning Saw Price

This pruning saw retails for $219 as a bare tool and $299 as a kit, including a 2.0Ah battery and charger. You can find it at your favorite Makita retailer. It includes a 3-year warranty on the tool and the battery.