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Snap-on Micro Tool Boxes

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Snap-on has a line of Micro tool boxes that can fit on your workbench – or any other flat surface.

Snap-on says that these Micro tool boxes are “great for storing small items like business cards, pens, pencils, paper clips, and much more.”

The Micro tool boxes are available in a wide range of colors.

There are two sizes of Snap-on Micro tool boxes that can be used separately or together. Both components have a footprint of 8.5″ wide x 4.5″ deep. The chest is 4-5/8″ tall, and the cabinet 8-1/2″.

Snap-on Micro Tool Chest with Working Drawers and Top Lid

The top chest features 3 sliding drawers and a hinged lid that can be lifted to access the drawers and top lid section.

Snap-on Micro Tool Cabinet with Working Drawers and Top Lid

The bottom “roller cabinet,” which doesn’t actually have wheels, has 5 sliding drawers.

All of the drawers are 3.75″ deep and 1″ tall, except for the bottom drawer of the cabinet, which is 2″ tall.

Snap-on’s prices are inline with what you can expect from the brand. The chests and bottom cabinets currently sell for $110.25 each. Meaning, a two piece set will cost just over $220 to assemble.

PIT Mini Tool Box Components

Amazon has very similar P.I.T. branded mini tool boxes for a lot less money.

See this short video from ToolsinAction to get a sense for the scale and how the top chest lid works: