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This Multi-Functional Ladder is on Sale for Black Friday 2023

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Home Depot has a really good sale on this Gorilla Ladders multi-functional ladder. It’s labeled as a live Black Friday special at just $99 with FREE SHIPPING.

I own a multi-functional ladder, and although I hate using it for certain tasks, it does come in handy for others.

I had an immediate need at around this time of year a few years ago, and I promptly went to the store and bought a multi-functional ladder. I lugged it home and learned its weak points right away.

I needed an extension ladder specifically, but a long-enough one wouldn’t fit in my trunk and I couldn’t find one online without astronomical shipping fees.

Frankly, I don’t know how Home Depot is discounting these ladders and shipping them for free.

There are some configurations where multi-functional ladders excel, and others where they can be cumbersome and inconvenient.

Gorilla Ladders Multi-Functional Ladder GLMPXA-18 Used Outdoors

In the image above, the ladders is flush against the side of a building, which is something a lot of basic step ladders simply can’t do.

I have since purchased a good stepladder and a fiberglass extension ladder that are both far easier – and lighter – to setup and maneuver. But, my multi-functional ladder still comes in handy when I need a taller stepladder, or need to place a stepladder in specific environments my other ladders can’t handle well.

My multi-functional ladder is still convenient when I need it.

Gorilla Ladders Multi-Functional Ladder GLMPXA-18

Home Depot’s current Black Friday savings deal is very hard to beat.

The Gorilla Ladders GLMPXA-18 is on sale for just $99 with free shipping.

It is made from aluminum and has a 300 lb weight capacity (per side in dual stepladder mode). This ladder can be used in many configurations:

  • Extension ladder
  • Double-sided twin stepladder
  • 90° wall ladder
  • Stairway stepladder
  • Scaffold base (with purchase of separate accessories)

According to Gorilla Ladders, it has a maximum extension of 14ft 10in and maximum reach of 18ft 1in when when used as an extension ladder, and maximum extension of 7ft5 in and maximum reach of 11ft 3in when used as a step ladder.

Max reach specs are determine for a person 5ft 6in tall with a 12in reach.

Sale Price: $99

If I were looking to buy my first ladder with more reach than a step stool-type, and didn’t have the space or budget for multiple ladders of different styles and sizes, I’d likely buy this one on the spot.

I have had great experiences with Gorilla Ladders over the years, and this one looks quite appealing.

Mine isn’t a Gorilla Ladders, it’s a Werner with 22ft max reach. I got a great deal on it at the time, but I learned very quickly that multi-functional ladders have a very big downside – they’re heavy. This one is smaller and lighter than my Werner, which I’d trade for this one without hesitation.