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Anker SOLIX F3800 Portable Power Station

Power Your Home, RV, and Electric Vehicle With the Anker Solix F3800

When your home’s power is threatened by storms and natural disasters, it’s nice to have a generator to keep your essential devices and appliances up and running. But what if there were a better way to achieve home backup power? Anker is proposing a solution with the Solix F3800 Portable Power Station. We’re looking at how it differs from the standard generator formula to bring you clean, reliable power wherever you need it.

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Anker Solix F3800 Overview

  • Model: Anker F3800
  • Max power output: 6000W
  • AC output: 120V
  • Capacity: 3840 Wh
  • Add up to 6 extra batteries for a capacity up to 26,880Wh
  • Built-in NEMA 14-50 port for EV charging
  • Suitcase design for easy transport
  • Professional setup in as little as 1 hour
  • Stackable— obtain up to 12,000W of output with two units
  • First portable power station with AC coupling

The Anker Solix F3800 portable power supply achieves a max power output of 6000W to power a variety of appliances around your home. It has a base AC output of 120V and a battery capacity of up to 3840Wh.

This unit features a stackable design, with the ability to add expansion batteries to achieve an output of up to 53.8kWh. You can also connect a second F3800 unit, giving you a total power output of up to 12,000W. Anker tells us that with a single unit, you can power your home for around 1 day.

The F3800 is the first portable power station to feature AC coupling, making it easier to power your home via solar panels. Simply plug into the grid with your Anker Solix Home Power Panel and connect it to your rooftop solar panel. You can even store excess solar energy for when you need it during an emergency or at night when energy costs are higher.

As for design, Anker gave it a highly portable suitcase layout, featuring castor front wheels and larger back wheels to help you maneuver it around. Since it can power your home, RV, or electric vehicle, this design should make it easy to transport it around wherever you need it.

Anker Solix F3800 Price

This power station is slated to begin shipping in early 2024. It has currently met its funding goal on Kickstarter, where you can save 35% when you back it. There are several kit options, but we will update this article closer to the release date as we know more about official pricing.