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Organize Your Cluttered Workbench with Stacking Bins

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These Akro-Mils stacking and hanging organizer bins are a great way to tame a cluttered workbench, rolling tool cart, drawers, or other such areas that might be overrun by stray tools, parts, and supplies.

Everyone’s guilty of workbench clutter. If you’re shaking your head “no,” please share your secrets!

I have dozens of these bins and use them to hold all kinds of stuff.

A long time ago, I started with Stanley bins that I found at the home center.

I went with Akro-Mils when it was time to order more, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve tried other brands as well, but Akro-Mils tends to be more accessible..

Akro Mils Stacking Bins in Red Holding Tools

Here’s an example of what you can fit in this particular size of bin.

These bins, model 30210, have outside measurements of 5-3/8″ L x 4-1/8″ W x 3″ H. This is my favorite and most-used size.

You’ll need to source a separate rail or wall panel if you want to hang the bins. I use mine free-standing or in short stacks maybe 90% of the time, with the remainders in tool box drawers.

This size of bin tends to be priced at just under $2/each at industrial suppliers. Sometimes they’re over, but you can find them for less if you shop around or buy in bulk quantities.

At the time of this posting, Amazon has a 6-pack of red bins for just over $10, and with free shipping for Prime members or $35+ orders for everyone else. That’s a decent low-risk price for anyone who isn’t convinced of their utility yet.

If you want more than 6, Home Depot is selling a case of 24 bins in this size and color for $26.43, and with free shipping, which I’d say is a very good price.

Akro-Mils manufactures these bins in the USA.