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9 Milwaukee Packout-Compatible Drill and Screwdriver Bit Sets are on Sale

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Milwaukee Shockwave 25pc Screwdriver Bit Set with Packout-Compatible Case

It seems that Milwaukee wants to put a Packout product in every tool user’s kit this holiday season, given the sheer number of compatible drilling and driving bit sets that are on sale right now.

We’ve seen accessory sets with Packout-compatible cases in prior years, but nothing like what they’re offering right now.

Milwaukee’s impact-rated drill bit and screwdriver bit sets tend to be popular every year, and so perhaps it’s no surprise there are so many deals on Shockwave and Red Helix bit sets right now.

A lot of these deals are available at Home Depot stores, and at the time of this posting they’re all available from Home Depot’s online store with FREE SHIPPING.

The 25pc set, shown above, is a good starter set at $14.97.

When you wear out all of the screwdriver bits, load up the case with more. These cases are a HUGE improvement over Milwaukee’s older style bit holder cases.

Milwaukee Power Tool Accessories in Packout Cases Hero

Here’s how the sets are designed to fit inside a Packout low-profile organizer.

Milwaukee Shockwave Drill Bit and Screwdriver Bit Sets in Packout Organizer

You can load up a Packout organizer with different accessory cases in different ways. The larger and deeper bit cases can be stored open, while the shallow clear-lid cases can be stored closed.

Unfortunately, there’s no master drilling and driving bit set like this (yet?) – you have to buy everything separately.

But, if everyone asks loudly enough, maybe someone at Milwaukee will hear us and make it happen.

Milwaukee Red Helix 15pc Drill Bit Set with Packout-Compatible Case

The 15pc drill bit set is also a good buy for $19.97, with hex-shank drill bit sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 3/8″.

Milwaukee Red Helix 23pc Drill Bit Set with Packout-Compatible Case

The 23pc set has drill bit sizes from 1/16″ to 3/8″ for $29.98.

This set gives you (3) more sizes compared to the 15pc set, and a couple more duplicates in different sizes.

Note: Home Depot inexplicably bumped the online price up from $29.98 to $34.97. I’d say either check back and wait for it to drop back down, or look for it in stores.

Milwaukee Shockwave 74pc Screwdriver Bit Set with Packout-Compatible Case

This 74pc set gives you a lot for just $19.97.

Milwaukee Shockwave 120pc Screwdriver Bit Set with Packout-Compatible Cases

If you want even more, check out this mixed contents 120pc set for $29.88.

Milwaukee Shockwave 90pc Screwdriver Bit Set with Packout Organizer Case

This set is a little different – you get a 90pc Shockwave bit set and a compact low-profile organizer for $49.88.

The 100pc set used to be this price but is now a special buy for $59.97. I think the 90pc set is a good buy, but personally I prefer the 100pc set for its larger selection of longer screwdriver bits.

There’s no organization included with either set, but on the positive side this means they both come with a full set of organizer bins and dividers.

Here’s a full list of all of the Milwaukee drilling and driving accessory sets I’ve found at Home Depot so far:

Milwaukee Impact-Rated Drill Bit Sets

15pc Red Helix Drill Bit Set – $19.97
23pc Red Helix Drill Bit Set – $29.97

Milwaukee Impact-Rated Screwdriver Bit Sets

25pc Screwdriver Bit Set – $14.97
74pc Screwdriver Bit Set – $19.98
72pc Screwdriver Bit Set – $19.97
120pc Screwdriver Bit Set – $29.88
100pc Screwdriver Bit Set – $39.97
90pc Screwdriver Bit Set + Packout Organizer – $49.88
100pc Screwdriver Bit Set + Packout Organizer – $59.97

Do you need a new impact driver to go with these accessory sets?

Home Depot has the Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact driver kit and M18 compact brushless impact driver kit on sale for $99 each.

Milwaukee Packout Organizers

Compact Low-Profile – $29.97
Low Profile – $44.97

Milwaukee Packout Mechanics Tool Sets

Milwaukee Packout Socket Sets Combo

While outside the focus on drilling and driving accessories, it seemed worthwhile to mention that Milwaukee’s Packout-kitted mechanics tool sets are also on sale right now.

32pc Metric Tool Set – $99.97
28pc SAE Tool Set – $99.97