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New ToughBuilt Utility Knife Doubles as a Pry Bar

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When putting together a list of Lowe’s Pro Black Friday tool deals, a new ToughBuilt utility knife caught my attention.

Some multi-functional utility knives have carabiner clips, others have screwdriver bit holders. This new ToughBuilt utility knife has a pry bar and nail puller.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Notch

The pry bar is built into the business end of the knife, with tapered edges and a central notch.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Removing Nail

The pry bar component features a full-body tang, for added strength and leverage. Meaning, it’s not just a small piece screwed into the end, the pry bar extends into the full length of the tool.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Push Button

The utility knife folds out, and is closed via button release. ToughBuilt added an internal bearing to the pivot for smoother opening and closing.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Open at an Angle

The pry bar tip doesn’t look to get in the way of things.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Wire Cutting Notch

The knife also features a small cut-out, which serves as an integrated wire cutter and stripper.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Cutting Zip Tie

It has rubber side panels for improved user grip and comfort.

ToughBuilt Pry Bar Utility Knife Deep Pocket Clip

It also features a deep pocket and belt clip.

The knife has built-in storage for up to 3 spare blades.

Price: $9.98


Do I need a prying bar on my utility knife? I could see this coming in handy for tasks like opening paint cans.

Will it get in the way? That’s a more important question, in my opinion, and from what I can see, I don’t think so.

Nobody’s going to use this tool to pry open a shipping crate, but the same could be said about the countless one-piece pocket prying tools carried by many EDC enthusiasts.

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