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Dewalt has its Own Duct Tape

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Dewalt Duct Tape on the Jobsite

You can now add Dewalt-branded duct tape to your kit.

It’s been out for about a year, and is advertised as being tough enough to “handle the most extreme uses.”

Dewalt Heavy Duty Duct Tape

Dewalt duct tape features heavy-duty woven cloth backing and aggressive adhesive to deliver all-weather performance.

This duct tape can resist UV, moisture, and “a wide range of temperatures.”

Dewalt Heavy Duty Duct Tape Rolls

It measures 1.88″ wide and comes in 30-yard rolls. It looks like this is the only size.

Dewalt Heavy Duty Duct Tape Held by Pro User

According to the Amazon listing, Dewalt duct tape is made by Intertape Polymer Corp, which was acquired by Clearlake Capital Group in 2022.

At the time of this posting, the tape is $11.78 per roll, and eligible for 15% clickable coupon savings.

Amazon also has a 12-pack for $119 that’s also eligible for added 15% off coupon savings.

The tape itself is gray discrete. Only the wrapper and inner core has Dewalt’s name on it.

If you’ve used this tape before, what do you think, and how did it compare to other tapes?