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The Best Pozidriv Screwdriver for Building IKEA Furniture

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Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver

IKEA furniture assembly has got to be one of the most polarizing activities known to mankind. I’ve met two types of people – those who can’t stand it, and those who enjoy it – until they have to drive in some Pozidriv screws.

IKEA is a European furniture maker, right? So of course it makes sense that they use European-style and metric fasteners. That means machine screws with hex socket recesses and wood screws with Pozidriv sockets.

That’s right, IKEA doesn’t use Phillips head screws, at least none that I’ve ever seen. Then use Pozidriv.

Sure, you can drive Pozidriv wood screws with a Phillips screwdriver, it’s just not going to be a very enjoyable process. I have found that if I don’t use a great amount of fastener engagement pressure, the Phillips screwdriver will cam-out, often damaging the fastener head in the process.

What you’ve got to do is use a Pozidriv screwdriver with the Pozidriv wood screws.

Wera’s, shown above, has served me exceptionally well.

Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver Laser Etched Tip

Wera screwdrivers typically have laser-etched tips, which help to improve grip and fastener engagement.

Pozidriv screwdrivers fit really well already, and the laser etched tip makes the experience even better.

Pozidriv Screw Head

This is what a Pozidriv screw head looks like. If you see the cross lines – thin diagonal lines between the main parts of the cross recess, it’s a Pozidriv screw.

Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver Bit

And this is what a Pozidriv screwdriver bit tip looks like. It has small barbs jutting out from between the main cross components.

What size do you need? Maybe 99.9% of all of the IKEA furniture I have ever assembled seemed to work really well with a Pozidriv #2 screwdriver or bit.

To be clear, I used – or attempted to use – a Phillips #2 screwdriver for a while before switching to the proper Pozidriv screwdriver.

There were just one or two times when a Pozidriv #1 screwdriver fit better, and if I recall correctly, the screws were smaller than usual.

Pozidriv screwdriver bits are far less expensive than the Wera screwdriver. If you can find some, it’s a valid option.

I’ve tried that too.

But it’s a lot harder to misplace a standalone screwdriver than a 1/4″ insert bit that requires the use of a 1/4″ hex bit screwdriver handle.

Maybe you already have a Pozidriv #2 screwdriver bit somewhere. Check the size markings or look for the specific tip profile.

But if you ask me, get the Wera and stick it in your IKEA furniture assembly tool kit.

Size: PZ 2×100 mm
Wera Model: 355 PZ SB
Wera SKU: 05100057001
Price: $13-14

Yes, it’s over $10. But i) Wera screwdrivers are pretty fantastic, and ii) just save this in the back of your mind. When you’re putting together IKEA furniture with a Phillips #2, and the curses start to fly, that’s when you’ll remember this post.

Then, when you drive in your first Pozidriv wood screw without cam-out, stripping, or any reason to let some expletives fly, you’ll see exactly what I mean. You’ll think – “it was worth it!”

Vessel Multi-Bit Screwdriver with Pozidriv

When looking to see if there were any bit packs on Amazon I could recommend (there aren’t, at least not from the brands I prefer), I came across this Vessel multi-bit screwdriver.

I’m a fan of Vessel ball drivers, and this one comes with a Pozidriv 2 tip (PZ #2) and others.

It’s not much more affordable than the Wera, and doesn’t have laser-etched tips, but it seemed worth pointing out.