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Do You Prefer Modular Tool Boxes and Organizers?

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Would you choose a standalone tool box, or one that’s part of a modular tool storage system?

What about organizers? Would you choose a connectable organizer that latches to other like-organizers, or one that’s part of a larger tool storage system?

The idea of connectable organizers goes quite a way back, well before Bosch launched L-Boxx, Dewalt launched ToughSystem, or Milwaukee launched Packout. There are also plenty of standalone organizers as well.

Does your answer change depending on how many tool boxes or organizers you’re looking to buy?

Is your answer based on present needs or wants, future expandability, or price?

Milwaukee Packout Organizer Display at Home Depot at Earlier Holiday Season

At this time, Milwaukee has 5 different sizes of Packout organizers – standard depth in full and compact widths, shallow depth (low-profile) in full and compact widths, and a full-width deep organizer.

Aside from Packout, they only ever had one size of connectable organizer.

If price isn’t the most important factor, which would you buy today?

What about for other brands? Are you more inclined to buy a Dewalt ToughSystem organizer?

Dewalt Small Parts Organizers at Home Depot for Black Friday 2022

Dewalt’s non-ToughSystem connectable organizers aren’t standalone either, as they’re part of a line of compatible organizers.

So the question there isn’t quite the same as with tool boxes. Would you go with an organizer system, or organizers that connect to tool boxes, tool bags, and other such storage components?

Milwaukee Tool Box at Home Depot Before Packout

What about tool boxes? This is a more straightforward question, as I can’t think of any hand tool boxes outside of modular storage systems that connect to each other.

Would you still buy a standalone plastic tool box today? What if you need two? Four?

Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Display at Home Depot at Earlier Holiday Season

Or would you go straight for a modular tool box system?

I’m focusing on Milwaukee, but there are many other brands and options.

Dewalt ToughSystem Tool Box Combo Kit at Home Depot for Black Friday 2022

It’s interesting to see how the mobile and workshop storage industry has changed over the years.

Modular tool storage combos seem like a novel and modern idea.

Stanley Mobile Work Center Tool Box

But, the idea of a multi-component mobile tool box storage system isn’t either new.

I find modular tool storage systems appealing, as they do away with the notion of one size or style to fit all.

But, I also still buy individual solutions, as well as modular tool boxes and organizers with non-connected use and mobility in mind.

Modular organizers and tool boxes often have some compromises, in other to still provide for system-wide stacking, latching, and accessory compatibility.

Still, the boost in features, functionality, and expandability are often worth it.

A lot of questions and purchasing decisions today focus on Packout vs. ToughSystem. Or maybe ToughSystem vs Ridid Pro. Flex vs Klein Modbox. Craftsman VersaStack vs Ryobi Link.

This has led me to wonder about how everyone still feels about standalone tool box, and standalone or connectable organizers.

What would you buy today?