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Milwaukee Launched 2 New Packout Drawer Tool Boxes

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Milwaukee Tool has launched two new sizes of their popular Packout drawer tool boxes – one with 4 shallow drawers, and one with 3 drawers in two sizes.

Milwaukee Packout Drawer Tool Boxes Fall 2023 Expansion

Milwaukee had previously launched drawered Packout tool boxes in 3-drawer and 2-drawer configurations.

All feature steel ball bearing drawer slides with 50 lb load capacity, impact-resistant construction, and a lockable security bar that slides out of the way when it’s not needed.

There’s one change, however. All Milwaukee Packout drawered tool boxes now come with a full set of dividers for each drawer.

Milwaukee Packout 4-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8444

The 4-drawer Packout tool box has 4 shallow drawers that are suited for small parts and things like power tool accessory cases.

Milwaukee Packout 3-Drawer Multi-Depth Tool Box 48-22-8447

The new 3-drawer multi-depth cabinet has 2 shallow drawers, as featured in the 4-drawer unit, and 1 deeper drawer. This gives you a bit more versatility for effectively storing smaller and bulkier items in the same box.

Milwaukee Packout 2-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8442

The existing 2-drawer tool box features deep drawers.

Milwaukee has said they will be updating the existing SKUs to include a full set of dividers for each drawer.

Previously, it only came with one set of dividers.

If ordering online, you might only get one set of dividers until in-stock inventory sells through.

Milwaukee Packout 3-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8443

The existing 3-drawer tool box features 3 drawers of equal depth. As with the 2-drawer Packout tool box, Milwaukee will also start shipping this model with a full set of drawer dividers.


  • 4-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8444 – $199
  • 3-Drawer Multi-Depth Tool Box 48-22-8447 – $179
  • 2-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8442 – $156
  • 3-Drawer Tool Box 48-22-8443 – $179


I am a big fan of having more drawer configuration options.

I have a couple of Packout drawer tool boxes – both review copies and purchased – and find them to be incredibly convenient. They’re especially useful when placed on the Packout dolly, allowing me to a short stack of tools and supplies to exactly where I need it.

The price is… what it is. I wish I could have a dozen of these on half as many roller dollies, some with the Packout work surface attached on top. But until I can budget for it, I’m happy with using a couple for my most demanding needs.

Having more drawer size and configurations options means I can make the most of each box’s storage volume.

Milwaukee heard you and listened – every Packout drawer tool box is going to ship with a full set of dividers, with the new 3- and 4-drawer tool boxes shipping with dividers for each drawer from the start.

In theory, isn’t it better for users who want more dividers to pay extra for more dividers, rather than everyone getting more dividers whether they need or want them or not?