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Home Depot is Still Selling Klein Tools

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Home Depot has reset their electrical hand tools department, following a huge clearance of Klein Tools.

As you might have heard, Lowe’s and Klein Tools announced a new partnership earlier this year, ending a 14-year exclusivity deal that Home Depot had with the professional electrical tool brand.

Home Depot cleared out a sizable chunk of their Klein Tools selection, but is still carrying the brand’s products.

At my local Home Depot store, I found that their hand tools section was practically split down the middle, with Klein Tool products on the left and Milwaukee Tool products on the right.

This isn’t simply remnant inventory. I visited the same store a few weeks ago, and the Klein Tools side of the display was very sparse. The display has empty pegs now, suggesting that some of the tools shown here were received with a new shipment.

Milwaukee Klein Tool Fishtapes and Conduit Benders at Home Depot Fall 2023

At the end of the aisle, there are Klein fish tapes and conduit benders on the left, and Milwaukee fish tapes and conduit benders on the right.

Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit Deal at Home Depot Store October 2023

Home Depot also hasn’t put the brakes on Klein Tool promotional displays either.

Here’s a Klein electrical test kit that my store has on sale as a special buy for $22.88.

Klein Tools Electrician Level Tool Kit at Home Depot Store October 2023

Last week, I saw a different promo – a Klein electrician’s leveling kit special buy for $24.88.

It seems that Home Depot and Klein tools remain close retail partners, despite Lowe’s now carrying the brand as well.

This isn’t much of a surprise, as Klein informed us in August that they will still have tools at Home Depot, but it’s only now that the dust has started to clear from Home Depot’s store resets. There are more Klein Tools still offered for sale at Home Depot that I had anticipated.

I have a feeling that the rivalry is going to deepen, not just between Home Depot and Lowe’s, but also between Klein and Milwaukee.

You can also still buy plenty of Klein Tools via Home Depot’s online store.

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