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Toolant 127-Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Set

We’re teaming up with Toolant in this sponsored post to tell you about the Toolant 127-Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die set. Take a look at what the set has to offer and see how it can help you with your threading projects.

Often, mechanics may need either metric or imperial sizes when tapping or re-threading. This set includes everything you need for threading in both SAE and metric sizes. Toolant even equipped their kit with drill bits of every corresponding size for the different taps.

It all comes in an organizer case with three sections. Built into the lid, you’ll find a section with the main tool hardware and gauges. Open the lid, and you find the metric accessories. The SAE accessories are in a slide-out drawer in the base of the case.

For all sizes, Toolant includes a tap, die, and drill bit. Here’s a list of what’s in the case:

Main Tools and Gauges

  • Ratcheting Tap Wrench
  • Hex Die Adapter
  • Tap Adapter
  • Tap Adapter Bar
  • Allen Wrench
  • SAE Thread Gauge
  • Metric Thread Gauge

Metric Sizes

Tap Drill Bit Die
M3*0.5 2.5mm M3*0.5
M3*0.6 2.4mm M3*0.6
M4*0.7 3.5mm M4*0.7
M4*0.75 3.25mm M4*0.75
M5*0.8 4.2mm M5*0.8
M5*0.9 4.1mm M5*0.9
M6*1 5mm M6*1
M7*1 6mm M7*1
M8*1 7mm M8*1
M8*1.25 6.8mm M8*1.25
M9*1 8mm M9*1
M9*1.25 7.8mm M9*1.25
M10*1 9mm M10*1
M10*1.25 8.8mm M10*1.25
M10*1.5 8.5mm M10*1.5
M11*1.5 9.5mm M11*1.5
M12*1 11mm M12*1
M12*1.25 10.8mm M12*1.25
M12*1.5 10.5mm M12*1.5
M12*1.75 10.2mm M12*1.75

SAE Sizes

Tap Drill Bit Die
4-40 NC #43 4-40 NC
6-32 NC #36 6-32 NC
8-32 NC #29 8-32 NC
10-24 NC #25 10-24 NC
10-32 NF #21 10-32 NF
12-24 NC #16 12-24 NC
1/4*20 NC #7 1/4*20 NC
1/4*28 NF #3 1/4*28 NF
5/16*18 NC F 5/16*18 NC
5/16*24 NF I 5/16*24 NF
3/8*16 NC 5/16 3/8*16 NC
3/8*24 NF Q 3/8*24 NF
7/16*14 NC U 7/16*14 NC
7/16*20 NF 25/64 7/16*20 NF
1/2*13 NC 27/64 1/2*13 NC
1/2*20 NF 29/64 1/2*20 NF
1/8-27 NPT Q 1/8-27 NPT
1/4-18 NPT 7/16 1/4-18 NPT
1/8-28 BSP 11/32 1/8-28 BSP
1/4-19 BSP 29/64 1/4-19 BSP
Tapping a hole

Now that you know what’s in the kit, what about actually using the tools? What sets Toolant apart from other tap and die sets is the 5° ratcheting tool body. Similar to other ratcheting tools, it might not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but once you start enjoying the convenience and improvement in efficiency, you’ll realize how much better it makes the job.

Toolant 127-Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Set

There’s a forward/reverse switch on top, so you don’t have to worry about flipping the tool over to switch directions.

Both the tap and die adapters insert into the tool with a friction fit. Simply match up the adapter with the slot, and give it a push until the adapter slips into place.


The tap adapter uses a keyless chuck design. Twist to open it, insert the bit, and twist the opposite direction to secure it.

Tap Adapter

The nice thing about the way Toolant set up the case it that each drill bit sits across from its corresponding tap, eliminating confusion about which one to use. Even though some taps use the same size drill bit as others, each one still has its own matching drill bit.

Corresponding Drill Bits

For the dies, there’s a set screw in the adapter that you use the hex wrench to tighten down and hold them in place. When you’re placing them, make sure the laser-etched side is pointing outward.

Tool and Die

For those times when you encounter a screw or bolt that you don’t know the pitch of, the thread gauges in the kit are there to help eliminate the guesswork. Compared with testing manually, you can really improve production efficiency by using them.

You get everything in the set in a hard organizer case for $256.99 (MSRP). When you buy direct from Toolant, they’ll include free shipping. The main tool body has a 1-year warranty, and the accessories are covered for 180 days.


  • Drill Bit Construction: High speed steel
  • Tap Construction: Alloy steel
  • Die Construction: Alloy steel
  • Ratchet Handle Construction: Carbon steel
  • Drill Bit Hardness: Max 65HRC
  • Tap Hardness: Max 65HRC
  • Die Hardness: Max 65HRC