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Bosch has a New Double-Duty Table Saw

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Bosch has launched a new portable jobsite table saw with rolling stand, model GTS15-10.

The new Bosch GTS15-10 table saw features a 10″ blade, 15 amp motor, and rack and pinion rip fence with 32-1/8″ rip capacity to the right of the blade.

As for the “double duty” part referenced in the title, Bosch designed the table saw with “ClampZone” areas at the left side of the table top. This increases the versatility of the table saw, allowing it to be used as a “light-duty secondary work surface.”

Bosch GTS15 Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand

The ClampZone feature seems clever, and I don’t believe I’ve seen such a feature on other portable table saws before.

Bosch explains it further in the user manual:

Table top CLAMPZONE locations are intended for securing workpieces to the table top with light duty work clamps while performing light-duty finishing applications such as sanding, coping, or routing.

Unplug saw from power source before using tabletop as a secondary work surface.

Use only with one-handed bar clamps with non-marring pads providing 300 lbs. (1,334 N) or less of clamping force. Use of non-recommended clamps can result in damage to the tool.

Bosch GTS15-10 Portable Jobsite Table Saw ClampZone Areas

The blade guard and other safety accessories should be removed when using the table top as a light duty work surface.

Bosch GTS15-10 Portable Jobsite Table Saw Rack Pinion Fence

There are four clamping zones, two on each side of the table (left and right).

The GTS15-10 also features a convenience brake that stops the motor in approximately 3 seconds, an open frame design, soft start motor, gravity-rise wheeled stand, and on-tool storage for all of the safety accessories.

Bosch GTS15-10 Portable Jobsite Table Saw Worktop

Bosch adds that the rack and pinion rip fence allows for both macro and micro adjustments via the hand control knob.

Bosch GTS15-10 Table Saw on Gravity Rise Rolling Stand

The included gravity-rise-type roller stand should allow for easier mobility and quick setup.

Bosch GTS15-10 Features & Specs

  • 15A motor
  • 3800 RPM (no-load)
  • 10″ blade size
  • -2° to 47° bevel angle range
  • Dust blower
  • 3-9/16″ max cutting capacity at 90°
  • 2-1/2″ max cutting capacity at 45°
  • 32-1/8″ rip capacity (left)
  • 14-1/8″ rip capacity (right)
  • Weighs 91 lbs
  • Dad-compatible with table insert (sold separately)

Bosch GTS15-10 Accessories

  • Outfeed Support Assembly (TS1015)
  • Dado Insert (TS1014)
  • Zero-Clearance Insert (TS1017)

These optional accessories are available separately.

MSRP: $649


The ClampZone feature sounds like it could come in handy.

Additionally, this looks to be Bosch’s first corded 10″ jobsite table saw with a rack and pinion fence. Bosch’s 18V cordless table saw, with an 8-1/4″ blade, also features a rack and pinion fence.

Bosch GTS15-10 Table Saw vs 18V Cordless Model
Bosch GTS15-10 Table Saw (left) vs GTS18V-08 18V Cordless Model (right)

The new GTS15-10 table saw very strongly resembles their 18V model, GTS18V-08, but with a larger frame, worktop, and fence to accommodate its 10″ blade size.

Bosch GTS15-10 vs 4100XC-10 Portable Jobsite Table Saws
Bosch GTS15-10 (left) vs 4100XC-10 (right) Portable Jobsite Table Saws

The new table saw looks to have been completely redesigned from the ground up, rather than just being another update to the 4100XC-10 table saw that debuted 3-1/2 years ago.

While the open frame design should allow for some weight savings, the difference isn’t big; the GTS15-10 weighs 91 lbs, compared to 94 lbs for the 4100XC-10.

I have been having good experiences testing out Bosch’s cordless table saw. I’m very optimistic to see that they translated its general design over to the new 10″ table saw with rolling stand.

Being able to use the table saw as a light duty worktable seems like a good idea. This is one of those things that I’d bet Bosch already sees users doing, with the ClampZones potentially bumping up the durability and convenience factor.