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Adam Savage’s Orange Sortimo T-Boxxes are no Longer Available

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Around 6 months ago, Adam Savage launched a customized and orange-themed Sortimo T-Boxx that he was selling through his online store.

It’s unclear what happened or when, but Adam Savage is no longer selling these customized T-Boxx organizers in his online store. The page has been taken down, and a search for “Sortimo,” “T-Boxx,” or similar produces zero results.

The price was a bit high – $105 each, with quantity discounts available.

When I posted about the product launch, I noted that you could buy similar boxes from Sortimo USA for just under $83.70. Savage offered a 20% discount for orders of 5 or more, which dropped the price to $84 each. His store said they would provide a custom quote for anyone who intended to purchase 10 or more.

I’m a bit surprised by this, as Adam Savage has a huge following. Sortimo T-Boxxes – or at least the earlier model – are decent organizers, albeit expensive.

Savage’s price was on-par with Sortimo’s direct pricing, at least for users ordering 5 or more.

I wonder if there was just too little demand, or if something else happened.