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LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp Review

The HF Work series headlamps launched in September 2023 with the LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp running point for the line. We got our hands on it along with the H6R and H4R Work models to see what the big deal is and help you decide if it’s right for the way you work.


  • App-based remote controls open up new possibilities
  • Automatic beam and output adjustment mode (Adaptive Light Beam Technology)
  • Adjustable beam and color temperature
  • Variety of mounting accessories included
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Proprietary charging cord

LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp Performance

A quick look at the front of the headlamp reveals an interesting array of LEDs that give this light a lot of versatility. There are three main output modes to work with, producing 20, 300, and 900 lumens, respectively. As you’re working in these standard modes, the dial on the base of the light adjusts the beam pattern from flood to spot and the color temperature from 4600K to 5400K.

Lighting Up the Dark

A double-tap of the yellow mode switch up top kicks the light into a 1600-lumen boost mode. Press and hold the same button for two seconds, and you shift into a low-level red mode, wrapping up 5 total output levels.

That’s great, but LedLenser steps up with a couple of other ways to use the HF8R Work as well. When you first turn the light on, you’re in Adaptive Light Beam mode—a setting that automatically adjusts the beam and output based on how what’s in front of you. If you’re working up close under a sink or on a breaker box, you have a low, broad output. When you’re out for a nighttime hike and looking straight ahead, it’s tight and bright. There are several other combinations that happen at distances in between as well.

When you don’t want the automatic settings, but you still don’t want to make adjustments on the light itself, the LedLenser Connect app offers a remote way to control it. It’s handy if you don’t have the control combinations memorized, or you’re attaching the light to use away from your body.

Key Performance Stats

Spot Light Mode
  • 20 – 1600-lumen output
  • 25 – 210-meter throw
  • 90 – 3.5-hour runtime (automatic step down based on temperature in boost mode)


Main Control Button
  • On/off: Single press mode button
  • Cycle mode (Adaptive->Low->Med->High): single press mode button
  • Boost mode: Double press mode button
  • Red mode: Press and hold mode button 2 seconds
  • Transport lock: Press and hold mode button 5 seconds (turn red, then doubel blink)
  • Transport unlock: Press and hold mode button 5 seconds (double blink, pause, double blink)
  • Adjust beam shape and color temp: Rotate dial on headlamp base

LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp Design Notes

Ingress Rating

There’s a lot more to love about this headlamp than just the performance characteristics. For starters, the design earns an IP68 ingress rating, meaning the light can be a meter underwater for 30 minutes and come out perfectly functional.


There are several accessories that come in the box. The light is pre-installed on a flexible strap with silicon strips that help it grip your hard hat. If you prefer, you attach a mount directly on the front or back of your hard hat or use the universal hard hat accessory strap to mount it at the very top of your hard hat.

Finally, there’s also a charging mount you can attach to the wall.


To charge the light, you need a USB-C port power supply for the charging cord. The connection end is magnetic and there’s some give and take to go with. What we don’t care for is that it’s a proprietary cord, so there’s no repurposing your phone charger if you leave it behind.

On the positive side, it’s super-easy to use, and pops right off if the cord catches on something, preventing damage. It’s also what makes the wall charging mount an easier possibility and reinforces the IP protection since you don’t have a cover you have to remember to close up.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons in our opinion.

LedLenser HF8R vs HF6R vs HF4R Headlamp Comparison

LedLenser HF Work Series Comparison
From Left to Right: HF8R Work, HF6R Work, and HF4R Work

While the HF8R is our priority for this review, take a quick look at a comparison of the three members of the HF Work line.

LedLenser HF8R LedLenser HF6R LedLenser HF4R
Output 1600 lumens
900 lumens
300 lumens
20 lumens
800 lumens
500 lumens
80 lumens
20 lumens
500 lumens
300 lumens
80 lumens
20 lumens
Throw 210 meters
200 meters
100 meters
25 meters
160 meters
140 meters
80 meters
25 meters
130 meters
100 meters
60 meters
15 meters
Runtime Momentary
3.5 hours
10 hours
90 hours
3 hours
8 hours
60 hours
2.5 hours
8 hours
35 hours
Color Temp 4600K – 5400K 5000K 5000K
IP Rating IP68 IP68 IP68
Weight 198 grams 134 grams 78 grams
Price $139.95 $79.95 $49.95

Key Features

HF8R Work

  • Adaptive Light Beam Technology (hands-free automatic focus/output adjustment)
  • Digital Advanced Focus System to transition from flood to spot
  • White and red color modes
  • SOS function
  • App-based adjustments and controls
  • Temperature control (prevents overheating)
  • Emergency light function (light automatically comes on when on the charging base and the power goes out)

HF6R Work

  • Digital Advanced Focus System to transition from flood to spot
  • White and red color modes
  • Temperature control (prevents overheating)
  • Cooling technology pulls heat away from LEDs

HF4R Work

  • White and red color modes
  • Temperature control (prevents overheating)

LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp Price

Retail price for the headlamp is $139.95. Considering the build, technology, and output, we expected it to be higher than that, so LedLenser wrapped in a solid value in our opinion. The light also has a 7-year warranty to go with it.

The Bottom Line

LedLenser wrapped a combination of manual, automatic, and remote controls along with solid environmental protections into the HF8R headlamp. By adding in hard hat-friendly accessories, it’s one of the best headlamps you can get for general construction and remodeling. Of course, it’s also a solid bet for your outdoor adventures, and it comes at a price that earns an excellent value rating.

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