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Metabo HPT 18V Triple Hammer BOLT Impact Driver Review

As you consider the range of the best impact drivers available, it’s fair to wonder what actually sets one apart from another, aside from the brand and battery system. With the Metabo HPT 18V Triple Hammer BOLT impact driver, there’s a difference alright, and it makes for a highly compelling option.


  • Fast driving speeds
  • 5 control modes (2 standard, 3 assist)
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Tri-beam LEDs surrounding the collet
  • Outstanding value
  • Works with 18V or 36V MultiVolt batteries


  • Not as much torque as competitor models

Mechanically, the Triple Hammer design is exactly that—instead of two hammers spinning around to strike the anvil the way most impact drivers do, Metabo HPT’s design has three. Every full rotation of the hammer has an extra strike. It’s not just hype, either—the system really does work to increase driving speeds.

The brushless motor can spin driver bits up to 3700 RPM and hit up to 4000 IPM with torque as high as 1859 in-lbs. There are 5 total modes to control that performance: Soft, Bolt, Bolt Single, Power, and Self-Drilling Screw. Here’s how the speeds shake out:

Soft 900 RPM
Bolt/Bolt Single 2900 RPM
Power 3400 RPM
Self-Driving Screw 3700 RPM

Soft and Power modes take care of your typical low and high. Feathering the variable speed trigger offers additional control as you drive.

Bolt mode is specifically designed to fasten and loosen larger nuts and bolts, operating at speeds closer to a compact impact wrench. Bolt Single avoids overtightening by impacting for about a second and shutting off.

Self-Driving Screw mode starts slow for control, ramps up to full speed, and slows down as your screw tightens to avoid snapping the head off.

While Metabo HPT doesn’t offer torque and impact rates for each mode, Self-Driving Screw mode is where you’ll find the fastest speed. Power mode is the one to work in when you need the highest torque.

For power, you can use any of Metabo HPT’s 18V or 36V MultiVolt batteries. For this tool, we prefer the compact 2.0Ah or 3.0Ah batteries to keep the working weight to a minimum. When you’re driving larger structural screws, the 5.0Ah 18V or 2.5Ah MultiVolt packs are a good bet to extend your runtime. Note that the 36V AC adapter is not compatible with 18V tools, though.

Metabo HPT 18V Triple Hammer BOLT Impact Driver Review

One of the great things about this impact driver is how compact it is. Just 4.5 inches long, it’s in the top tier with the biggest names in the premium professional class. It’s also lightweight. Bare it weighs a scant 2.0 pounds, and a 2.0Ah compact battery brings the working weight to just 2.7 pounds.

Metabo HPT’s design earns an IP56 ingress rating. This means that dust can’t get inside at a level that can affect function, and it can handle powerful water jets hitting from any angle for 3 minutes. In other words, that rainstorm coming in doesn’t stand a chance of stopping your impact driver.

Surrounding the collet are three LEDs. The number and placement do a much better job of eliminating shadows around your fastener and workspace than foot-mounting lights.

If you’re familiar with Metabo HPT’s lineup, you may see the resemblance between the 18V model we’re reviewing in this article and the 36V version that sits at the top of the hill. In fact, they are very similar to each other, and which one you choose may simply boil down to which battery system you prefer. Here’s how they stack up:

18V 36V
Top Speed 3700 RPM 3700 RPM
Max Impact Rate 4000 IPM 4000 IPM
Peak Torque 1859 in-lbs 1903 in-lbs
Modes Soft
Bolt Single
Self-Tapping Screw
Bolt Single
Self-Tapping Screw
Length 4.5 inches 4.5 inches
Bare Weight 2.0 lbs 2.0 lbs
Bare Price $129 NA
Kit Price $179
2 x 2.0Ah (18V)
2 x 2.5Ah (36V)
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Metabo HPT 18V Triple Hammer BOLT Impact Driver Review

So how much does all of this premium technology and performance cost? Less than you might expect. The bare tool is $129. There’s also a kit with two 2.0Ah batteries for $179. When you consider how much competitors from DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee run for their flagship models, Metabo HPT’s price looks pretty darn good.

The value proposition is even sweeter when you consider that it comes with a lifetime warranty on the tool.

The Bottom Line

Metabo HPT has a great thing going with this impact driver. It delivered excellent performance in our testing, is lightweight and compact, has some nice tech upgrades, and a solid build. If there’s a downside, it’s that there are competing models that offer higher torque, but we don’t think the Triple Hammer is hindered in that category. Combined with its lifetime warranty, we believe Metabo HPT’s 18V Triple Hammer Bolt impact driver is the best value among Pro-grade models.