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New G-Shock “Caution Yellow” Watches

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Casio G-Shock launched a new series of watches with “Caution Yellow” theming, inspired by black and yellow caution signs.

G-Shock says the new watches offer a “striking contrast that catches the eye and ensures unparalleled visibility.”

Casio G-Shock Caution Yellow Watch Collection

While it’s far from being my favorite color, I tend to like yellow accents, and so these new G-Shock watches caught my attention.

The watches actually feature two different accent tones. G-Shock says that the light yellow “adds a colorful pop,” and the dark yellow “intensifies visibility.”

Casio G-Shock Caution Yellow Collection Series Watches

There are 4 styles in the new lineup.

GAB2100CY-1A | 2100 series, analog and digital, $150

GA700CY-1A | GA-700 series, analog and digital, $99

Casio G-Shock Caution Yellow Collection Series Round and Classic Square Watches

GA100CY-1A | GA-100 series, analog and digital, $110

GWB5600CY-1 | 5600 series, digital, $150

All of the watches are shock-resistant and feature a matte black case and band. Each style has a different feature set.

I’ve had great experiences with G-Shock watches. I have a different new model on my radar, but it seemed worthwhile to bring these up.