Buy USA-Made Eagle Grip Locking Pliers While You Still Can

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Malco’s USA-Made Eagle Grip locking pliers are still available, but it’s uncertain how long this will still be true.

Malco announced 10 months ago that the product line was not sustainable and would be discontinued.

They have not yet sold through all remaining inventory. I checked recently, and they were still in stock at Amazon. Lowe’s picked up a couple of SKUs too, albeit at inflated pricing.

A reader wrote in today, after seeing them at a retailer known for closeouts on USA-made hand tools.

Closeout inventory, often found at liquidators and discount retailers, is similar to a retailer putting something on clearance at a store, but at a larger scale.

Tom (thank you!) wrote:

Epstein’s has all of the Eagle Grip pliers on sale. Might make for a good post.

Malco is not making these tools anymore. This could be your last chance to buy them, or there could be ten thousand pliers still on a warehouse shelf.

In my opinion, that Harry Epstein Co picked up Eagle Grip locking pliers, and are selling them at a discount, could be an indicator that supplies are starting to running out.

If you plan to buy just one or two, Amazon’s pricing and free shipping might work better. If you’re buying a bunch or want to support a small “mom & pop” retailer, go with Harry Epstein.

Here are the sizes and styles that are available:

Malco Eagle Grip Locking Pliers 2021 Launch Sizes
  • Curved Jaw w/ wire cutter: 7″, 10″
  • Straight Jaw: 7″, 10″
Malco Eagle Grip Locking C-Clamps
  • C-Clamp: 8″, 11″
  • C-Clamp with Pads: 8″, 11″

As far as I am aware, Harry Epstein Co is the only retailer with the 8″ locking c-clamps, with and without pads.

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