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New Ryobi Hand Tools are Coming to Home Depot

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Ryobi recently announced a mixed bag of new hand tools for DIYers, hobbyists, and crafters.

The brand launched a limited line of hand tools at Home Depot last year. But, unlike most of those offerings, which never made it to stores, all but one of the tools discussed here will be available at both Home Depot stores and online.

This isn’t a major expansion, but it’s always nice to see new activity from Ryobi outside of the homeowner power tools and accessories market.

Ryobi 65′ Laser Distance Measurer

Ryobi Laser Distance Measuring Tool in Use

The new Ryobi red laser distance measuring tool, ELDM65, will feature a 65-foot range with ±5/64″ accuracy.

It has a simple one-button user interface, measurement memory, and pocket-friendly size.

Ryobi Laser Distance Measuring Tool

The laser features 5 user-selectable measurement unit options – i) feet, ii) inches, and iii) meters in decimal notation, and iv) inches/feet and v) inches in fractional notation.

It’s powered by 2x AAA batteries.

Price: $44.97

This is the only one of the new tools that Ryobi says will be available exclusively at Home Depot’s website.

Ryobi 15′ Compact Laser Level

Ryobi Pocket Laser Level Tool

Ryobi, which is no stranger to laser and level products (I used to have one in blue), is coming out with a new compact laser level, ELL1501, with a 15-foot range.

Ryobi Pocket Laser Level Tool Used on Wall

Ryobi says that the red laser level will be great for hanging and aligning picture frames, TVs, fixtures, curtains, and more.

Ryobi Pocket Laser Level Tool Mounted to Wall

It can be used handheld, or hands-free thanks to on-board push pins for wall-mounting.

My old Ryobi laser had a built-in powered vacuum cup for holding it to the wall, but it wasn’t this compact.

This one also has a rotating bubble level for horizontal and vertical leveling.

Price: $19.97

Ryobi 2-in-1 Hobby Knife

Ryobi Hobby Knife with Replacement Blades

Ryobi already has a hobby knife, but this one’s different. The new Ryobi hobby knife, model RHCKP03, has a 2-in-1 blade chuck that can hold standard and heavy duty blades.

It comes with (2) #2 and (3) #11 blades, with built-in storage underneath the endcap.

Price: $12.97

Alternatively, you can get an X-Acto hobby knife (with safety cap) for under $7 at Amazon at the time of this posting.

Replacement Hobby Blades

Ryobi Replacement Hobby Knife Blades

Home Depot carries replacement blades in-store and online.

Pricing starts at around $1 per blade and goes down when you buy a bulk pack.

Price: $5 and up

Alternatively, I have taken a liking to Excel-branded blades (made in USA), with a 15-count dispenser pack priced at ~$9 at Amazon.

Ryobi Hobby Knife Set

Ryobi Hobby Knife Set in Pouch with Replacement Blades

Ryobi also launched a new 14pc hobby knife set, RHCKP05, with two types of precision handles, 12 blades, and a zippered carrying pouch.

It comes with:

  • #2 straight blades (4x)
  • #11 straight blades (4x)
  • #10 curved blade
  • #16 stencil blade
  • #17 chisel blade
  • #24 deburring blade

Price: $29.97

Question: For those of you that bought a hobby knife set, how many of the different blade styles have you ever used so far?

Ryobi 6″ Silicone-Tipped Tweezers

Ryobi Tweezers with Silicone Tips

The new Ryobi 6″ silicone-tipped tweezers, model RHPTW01, looks identical to the one that Ryobi bundled in a hobby tool holiday gift set last year.

It features stainless steel construction and a Ryobi green/yellow-colored finish.

The silicone tips are non-marring and removable.

Price: $6.97

Ryobi Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Ryobi Cutting Mat

Ryobi also launched new self-healing cutting mats, which provide a great backing for hobby knife work.

There are precision grid lines in inches on the front, and centimeters on the back.

Ryobi Cutting Mat Reverse Side

There are two sizes, both being 3mm thick:

  • A3: 11″ x 17″ (RHCM03)
  • A4: 8″ x 11″ (RHCM04)

Price: $11.97 for A3, $7.97 for A4


All of the new tools are launching this month, August 2023.

Ryobi says that all of the tools, except for the laser distance measuring tool, will be available in-store at online, exclusively at Home Depot. The laser distance measurer will only be available online, at least at launch.