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Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool Review

The Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool Is Light On Weight and Heavy On Features

When it comes to hiking, backpacking, and camping, one thing remains the same: the gear you carry has to earn its keep. In light of this, most of what you carry is also typically going to serve multiple purposes. We’re taking a close up look at the Gerber Stake Out Multi-tool so you can decide if it’ll make the cut for your next trip.

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Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool Design Notes

  • Model: Gerber Stake Out
  • Weight: 4.0 oz.
  • Material: Steel
  • Color Options: Bronze, Graphite, Silver
  • Length: 4.5 in.

The Stake Out camp tool is ready to handle the activities that every trip faces, whether that’s setting up camp, gear maintenance, or even cooking. Weight and versatility play a big role for us when choosing a multi tool. The Stake Out clocks in at an even 4 ounces and measures 4.5 inches long, making it a great option to throw in your backpack or pocket.

This model features 11 tools that all serve a distinct purpose around a campsite. Starting with the most obvious, the sturdy carabiner clip is built in to the frame and is very easy to clip on and go when you’re in a hurry. There’s also an integrated bottle opener built into the mouth of the carabiner, so you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage wherever the trail takes you.

The Stake Out Multi-Tool has an array of cutting tools that really shine around a campsite. It has a locking 2.2-inch Scandi edge blade, folding scissors, and a 2.25-inch saw for cutting small limbs. The knife blade is easy to deploy and cuts really well. Overall, it’s a good size for this kind of tool because it’s nimble and easy to control.

The combination awl and ferro rod striker comes in handy making repairs to equipment as well as getting a fire started on those cold nights. You may see folks using their knife edge to strike a ferro rod, but this is a quick way to dull your edge. Rather, use the 90° edge of this ferro rod striker to send a shower of sparks onto your tinder bundle.

Rounding out the tool collection, Gerber includes a ruler, file, tweezers, and the namesake stake puller. The tent stake puller is a useful feature which makes breaking camp a breeze. Rather than dig your fingers down in the dirt, simply fold out the cane shaped hook and use the T-handle design to pull up those stubborn tent stakes.

The Gerber Stake Out lightens your pack but is heavy on features, eliminating the need to pack multiple tools. Weight, versatility, and packability influence the design, making this multi-tool a go-to companion for every trip.

Included Tools

  • Carabiner
  • Tent stake puller
  • Ruler
  • Saw
  • Awl
  • Ferro rod striker
  • Scissors
  • Plain edge knife
  • Tweezers
  • File
  • Bottle opener

The Gerber Stake Out multi-tool retails for $55 and come with the Gerber Guarantee—a limited lifetime warranty on all Gerber products.

The Bottom Line

Unlike some of the multi-tools I’ve owned in the past, the Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool has no wasted space or superfluous tools. In reality, Gerber designed this with a highly-curated set of tools that are genuinely useful in an outdoor setting, thus keeping the weight and size to a minimum. Gerber did omit some of the classic tools, such as pliers and screwdrivers, but I really didn’t mind since this is really catered toward outdoor activities. If you’re into camping, backpacking, or the off-grid lifestyle, you really won’t want to pass on this incredibly versatile multi-tool.