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New Husky Build-Out Tool Box System at Home Depot

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Home Depot is launching a new Husky Build-Out tool box system that they say brings the best pound for pound value to the construction industry.

Husky Build-Out is said to set new standards and revolutionize the way we perceive tool storage and transportability.

Several modular tool boxes are available now, with Husky saying that the comprehensive and interconnected tool storage solution will expand quickly over the next year.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box at Home Depot with Modular Options

Husky Build-Out tool boxes are built with impact-resistant polymers, and are designed to fearlessly withstand the harshest conditions.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box Product Family at Home Depot

Husky says that the Build-Out system features innovations that elevate tool storage and transport to new heights, with durability, mobility, and seamless integration capabilities to transform the way you work, inspiring productivity and success.

Now that we’ve gotten some of the motivation and marketing claims, let’s look at what you get.

Husky Build-Out Features

Husky Build-Out Tool Box at Home Depot with Accessories Attached to Sides

The Husky Build-Out tool boxes feature an integrated accessory rail system. This allows users to attach or remove different types of tools, accessories, and supplies, without having to open anything up.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box Main Features

A dual locking and release mechanism enables quick stacking and removal of each tool box.

Each tool box also features rugged latches and metal hinge pins, plus a built-in pass-through security feature that lets you lock everything down with individual padlocks or a single cable lock.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box Top Lid

It’s not quite clear to me how the tool boxes stack together, but Home Depot’s video demonstration makes the latches to be quick and self-toggling.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box Dual Lock and Release Mechanism

There looks to be plenty of hand clearance for box removal.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box with Accessory Mounting Ledge

Each tool box has an accessory rail around its perimeter, except for the organizer, because of its short depth.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box with Hook on Side

Product images show hooks being attached to this rail.

Husky Build-Out Tool Box Side Accessory Bin

It can an also fit tool hooks and compatible bins.

Husky Build-Out Small Tool Box Inside Compartment

The boxes also have an IP65-rated weather seal, to keep your gear dry from dust and the elements.

Husky Build-Out Rolling Tool Box

Husky Build-Out Rolling Tool Box

The rolling tool box features a 150 lb load capacity (with a total system capacity of 300 lbs), removable telescoping handle, 8-inch wheels, and

The removable handle means the rolling tool box can be stored or transported in smaller spaces, such as in a pickup truck bed under a tonneau cover.

Husky Build-Out Rolling Tool Box Inside Storage Compartment

The tool box has space for up to two removable organizer inserts (not included), and looks to have potential for additional future accessory integrations.

Husky Build-Out Rolling Tool Box with Cordless Drill Hooked onto Side Rail

As with the other tool boxes, you can attach tool hooks around the built-in accessory rail.

Husky Build-Out Large Tool Box

Husky Build-Out Large Tool Box

The large Build-Out tool box has a 100 lb load capacity and extra-wide handle.

Husky Build-Out Large Tool Box Inside Storage Compartment

Inside, there’s a removable tote bin, and storage slots for the clear organizer case (not included).

Husky Build-Out Tool Box with Hook on Front Corner

Here’s a close-up of how hooks attach to the accessory rail.

Husky Build-Out Small Tool Box

Husky Build-Out Small Tool Box

The small Build-Out tool case has a briefcase-style handle and 50 lb load capacity.

Husky Build-Out Small Tool Box Inside Compartment with Organizer Box

It can also fit the clear organizer accessory.

Husky Build-Out Organizer

Husky Build-Out Organizer Tool Box Closed Lid

The organizer features a clear lid and can also hold up to 50 lbs of tools and parts.

Husky Build-Out Organizer Tool Box Open Lid

Each of the 11 removable bins are compatible with the side accessory rail.

Husky Build-Out Open Crate

Husky Build-Out Crate Tool Box

The crate features a 100 lb capacity and large 12″ deep compartment for storing bulky tools or supplies.

Husky Build-Out Organizer Insert

Husky Build-Out Clear Organizer Box

This 9-compartment bin is watertight and can fit into the Husky Build-Out tool boxes.

Husky Build-Out Pricing and Availability

Small Tool Box – $29.98
Large Tool Box – $44.98
Rolling Tool Box – $79.98
Tool Crate – $34.97
Organizer – $32.97
Clear Organizer Insert – $9.98

The Husky Build-Out system is available exclusively at Home Depot.

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