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Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 – Readers’ Questions Answered

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Milwaukee’s Pipeline 2023 media event is now over.

It will take me some time to sort things out and provide more details about everything that I saw and learned.

Readers had some great questions, and I wanted to briefly answer as many of them as possible.

What can you tell us about the FORGE battery line?

Forge will be the higher performance tier of Milwaukee cordless power tool batteries.

Technologies will be mixed. For instance, yes, the new M18 Forge XC 6Ah battery will be built with pouch cells, while the MX Fuel Forge batteries and the M18 Forge 12Ah battery (slated for the later half of 2024 if I recall correctly) will be engineered with next-gen tab-less cylindrical cells.

The tab-less battery tech is new to me, but seems promising.

Not only that, the endurance level of Forge batteries are taken to the next-level, such as with rapid cooldown capabilities via the new Super Charger.

It’s going to take me time to ensure I have the details correct, and I’m happy to field more questions in the meantime.

“Tabless” batteries? Seems like Milwaukee took a very incremental approach to providing higher output M18 batteries.

Not really. As I understand it, tab-less is a better solution here.

Pouch cells are an option, but the tab-less cylindrical cells in the higher capacity upcoming Forge batteries deliver performance, endurance, and thermal dissipation that batter match users’ demands.

There are engineering and user experience reasons why the 12Ah Forge battery is built with these new cells over Li-ion pouch cells.

Are the FORGE batteries their version of pouch cells?

Forge will not be tied to any specific Li-ion battery cell technology.

The new Milwaukee M18 Forge 6Ah battery is said to deliver the same power level as their current High Demand High Output (HD HO) 12Ah battery.

Can the brushless rotary tool pretty much use anything made for a dremel?

Yep! I’m told there is full collet and accessory compatibility.

Will the updated/new mechanics tools be made in the USA?

No. But… nearly everything is on the table right now.

I spoke with a few decision-makers to see what is and is not on the table right now.

USA-made mechanics tools are not something Milwaukee is actively developing right now – at least that’s the story and I believe it – but they are not done exploring options.

That power bank is technically a packout base, isn’t it?

* Witty response *

I liked the Packout integration – it made sense.

Any updates on launch timing and estimated runtime with whatever batteries they tested it with would be greatly appreciated, especially if it’s available for say both a table saw and a standard refrigerator.

I have a press kit in my inbox, and interview Q&A on video. Most of the products we saw today are slated for release before the end of the year.

Whereas Milwaukee’s power tool batteries are engineered with power cells, the Roll-On is engineered with energy cells, similar to what’s being used in the EV industry.

There are 2 duplex receptacles, each with 2 outlets for 4 total.

The unit can deliver sustained power of 3600W, and higher peak power. So that’s 2x 15A simultaneous load at 120V.

What is “Nitrus” carbide?

High longevity carbide saw blade teeth.

Hope you can ask why they don’t offer a wheeled packout drawer base like ridgid just announced.

Oh, I did. Short answer: they’re working on it.

The M12 Fuel Insider Extended Reach Box Ratchet has piqued my interest. Is it like a powered pass through ratchet?


I want to be part of the power bank Seed program. Can it take any mix of batteries

It has a built-in battery that *will* be replaceable via service center.

So, the new Packout is a 4 drawer system? Still only one set of dividers included?

Each Milwaukee Packout drawer tool box will not ship with a full set of dividers for every drawer.

Any More Questions?

Please keep them coming!