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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer

Milwaukee got on a roll with the dual-battery concept, beginning with the M18 Fuel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. The Dual-Battery Leaf Blower followed, and now we’re getting a look at the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer. Is this a better option than Milwaukee’s single battery model or the Quik-Lok system? Take a look for yourself.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer Performance

With the 3006, Milwaukee steps up to a 17-inch cutting swath. For a cordless string trimmer, that’s a pretty good load and while there’s enough power in a single battery design, the dual-battery power source offers the higher runtime you need to handle larger or multiple properties. A two speed selector lets you prioritize either runtime or cutting performance.

This isn’t an optional two-battery design—you need both packs to operate the trimmer. While any two Milwaukee M18 batteries will do the job, a pair of 8.0Ah High Output packs balances cutting, runtime, and weight the best.

We don’t have exact numbers to back it up, but Milwaukee tells us the PowerState brushless motor in this unit delivers higher torque than other Pro-grade string trimmers. That includes both gas and battery-powered models.

As we’ve seen with previous models from Milwaukee, this string trimmer is dialed in to accelerate the line up to full speed in less than one second.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer Design

The stock head on this trimmer is Milwaukee’s Easy Load model. Instead of making manual line changes, you run your line through a hole until you reach the center point and then twist the head to reel it in. You can complete the process in about 30 seconds with a little practice.

17-Inch Cutting Swath

The head holds up to 25 feet of line, so you’ll get a lot of trimming in between line changes.

The batteries install in an over-under configuration rather than side-by-side. Any size batteries fit, including 12.0Ah High Output packs, but that large of a pack extends below the motor housing. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re setting the tool down on hard surfaces.

Dual Battery Configuration

There’s a two-point shoulder strap connection point between the trigger and the handle. With the weight of two batteries and how robust the trimmer is built, you’ll want to take advantage of a strap, especially if you’re trimming large sections.

Additional Highlights

  • Wide guard
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Straight shaft
  • Batteries are compatible with more than 200 M18 and M18 Fuel products

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer Price

You can add the Milwaukee 3006 to your trailer beginning in January 2024. The kit includes a pair of 8.0Ah High Output batteries and a charger for $699.

The Bottom Line

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer gives Milwaukee’s cordless lawn care line a big boost in performance. Between this string trimmer for primary trimming duties and the M18 Fuel Brush Cutter for thicker brush, professional lawn care and landscaping crews have two high-performance options to keep on their trailers.