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Save 25% on an Acebeam Defender P17 Tactical Flashlight!

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Acebeam is known for making high-quality flashlights. The Defender P17 flashlight actually made our Best Flashlights list in the tactical category. If you’re looking to get your hands on something that does more than just light the way, this flashlight is for you.

The Acebeam Defender P17 achieves a whopping 4500 lumens of light output at the highest brightness setting. It has a light throw of up to 445 meters (1460 feet). It also features a stainless steel strike bezel for shattering glass, a strobe function, and a toughened, ultra-clear, anti-reflective glass lens. On the lowest brightness setting, this flashlight can run non-stop for up to 20 days!

Normally, the Defender P17 retails for $119.90, but you can get 25% off by using the code: PTR25 at checkout on Acebeam’s website, bringing your total down to just $89.92.

To further sweeten the pot, you can get 15% off any Acebeam product sitewide using the code PTR15 at checkout!