Truewerk Cloud Work Shirt Review

Summer Temps Have You Down? Truewerk Cloud Shirts Can Lift You Up!

The recipe for a Central Florida Summer comes down to 2 parts each of heat and humidity with a splash of thunderstorms for additional flavor. We started wearing the Truewerk Cloud Shirt to see if it can help us push through this uncomfortable time of year.

Truewerk Cloud Shirt Basics

Truewerk designed the Cloud Shirt to be a lightweight, breathable button down with snap closures. In fact, it has the lightest material weight of the entire Truewerk lineup—even lighter than the B1 Sun Shirt. The fabric is a 50D Polyester Bicompent crimped fiber that’s 91gsm that’s still abrasion and tear-resistant. For comparison, the B1 Sun Shirt is 120gsm and the EDO Fancy Shirt is 118gsm.

The way it all comes together, you get a 4-way stretch along with UPF 30+ protection and a sweat-wicking treatment to pull sweat away from your body. The loose fit allows for 20 CFM of airflow, aiding in comfort and drying. Two chest pockets are on the front and the left one has a pencil/glasses slot.

Here’s what Truewerk has to say:

“Life requires a lot of flexibility, so we wanted to create a work line that could take you wherever you need to go—whether that’s the jobsite for light work, or playing after hours.”

Truewerk website

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean

Wearing the Truewerk Cloud Shirt

The first time I put the Cloud Shirt on, I was legitimately impressed with how light it felt. Between that and the obvious airflow, Truewerk definitely got the name right.

The fit is loose and the four-way stretch makes it a shirt that’s very comfortable across your entire range of motion. When you start sweating (which is a matter of a couple of minutes for us right now), the shirt dries impressively fast.

With a shirt that’s this light, we were concerned about the durability on the job. While the weave is abrasion and tear-resistant, it’s a work shirt you want to save for days that are less risky for cuts and tears. As long as you can avoid sharp objects, the shirt holds up really well. I’ve been wearing my original for more than two years. The material is still in great shape and the color doesn’t show any signs of fading.

Getting into some of the smaller details, I prefer the snap closures over standard buttons. Not everyone on our team feels the same way, but I think they’re easier to work with and still plenty secure.

I also greatly appreciate the pencil slot, although I never keep a pencil there. I use it as a place to stick the arm of my sunglasses or reading glasses when I’m not wearing them. At this stage of life, I carry both pairs everywhere I go. I find that slot is more convenient and secure than hanging them on one of the snaps.

Truewerk Cloud Shirt Price

You can get this work shirt in a long sleeve men’s or women’s fit for $59. There’s also a men’s fit short sleeve version for $55. We prefer the long sleeve for the additional sun protection on our arms. You can always roll the sleeves up if you like.

Women have two color options: Olive or Deep Grey. Both men’s versions come in Olive, Deep Grey, Ice Blue, or Cloud White.

The Bottom Line

Truewerk’s Cloud Shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts we wear on a regular basis. It’s a fantastic hot-weather work shirt that easily doubles for outdoor recreation as well. The lightweight material makes it more of a light-duty shirt, so be judicious in the work environments you wear it in. It’s the perfect complement to Truewerk’s Cloud Shorts and Pants, and pairs well with the T1 series as well.

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