Stiletto Trimbone 10-Ounce Titanium Trim Hammer Review

If you’ve been around the construction industry for any length of time, you’ve certainly heard (and possibly used) a titanium hammer. While the Vibranium versions are still in development, we got our hands on the Made in the USA Stiletto Trimbone—a 10-ounce titanium trim hammer. While you can probably figure out the basics without too much trouble, there are a couple of fun features to go along with this model.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable handle design
  • 5 handle cover colors
  • Replaceable face
  • Available mallet face covers


Stiletto Trimbone 10-Ounce Titanium Trim Hammer Design

Stiletto’s lineup includes hammers with wood, fiberglass, or titanium handles. The Trimbone is one of the full-titanium models, save for the handle cover.

Looking at the front, there’s a magnetic nail starter plus the claw you expect to find on most trim hammers. In the center, there’s a 180° nail puller. While it does its best work on nails up to 10D in the world of trim, there’s enough power to pull 16D nails if you need to.

Unlike most entry and mid-level hammers, the face is replaceable on this model. Just loosen the Torx head fastener behind the face to remove it.

Replaceable Face

One handy add-on you can buy is a mallet cover 2-pack. Containing a soft (black) and hard (white) mallet face, you simply slide the cover over the metal face when you need it and slip it right back off when you’re done. You don’t need any tools to make the switch and you don’t have to worry about carry a separate mallet.

Mallet Covers

Where the real fun comes in is at the handle. The Stiletto Trimbone has replaceable handle covers and there are currently 5 colors to choose from. There’s the black handle that comes on the hammer, plus you can get green, blue, orange, or yellow. Grab whichever one best suits your preferences, or create a color coding system to match your attitude so your crew knows when to leave you alone. Kidding—but you can put a different color on each Trimbone your crew has so you know whose hammer is whose.

To swap handles, you need to remove the Torx bolt at the base, slide the old handle off, slip the new handle on, and tighten the bolt back in place. That’s it!

Stiletto Trimbone 10-Ounce Trim Hammer Handle Covers

If you’ve used a Stiletto hammer before, you know what to expect. The handle shape and cover make it extremely comfortable to use. Plus the lighter weight of the titanium construction significantly reduces the amount of fatigue your hands experience over the course of a day.

Stiletto Trimbone 10-Ounce Titanium Trim Hammer Review

Stiletto Trimbone 10-Ounce Titanium Trim Hammer Price

You can pick up this hammer at your favorite Stiletto retailer. The hammer runs $239.99. The mallet face cover 2-pack is $24.99, replacement faces are $29.99, and the handle covers run $34.99 each. Stiletto backs the hammer with a 1-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Professionals who make a living using a trim hammer will love the feel and performance of Stiletto’s full titanium Trimbone hammer. It’s a premium hammer, so it’s not cheap. However, it’s thoughtfully designed with replaceable wear parts and the ability to customize the look more than you can with other trim hammers. The fact that it’s a Made in the USA tool is icing on the cake.

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