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Fake Laguna Woodworking Tool Deals SCAM

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Oh boy, what a great deal on Laguna woodworking tools – you can save thousands of dollars!

Some of Laguna’s most popular tools, such as their band saws, are more than 95% off.

What a great deal? Wrong. This is a SCAM.

Fake Laguna Tools Website Table Saw Deal Scam

$149 for a table saw? SCAM.

Fake Laguna Tools Website Planer Deal Scam

$149 for this planer? SCAM.

Laguna cautioned on their social media page about a fake website with scam prices, but it seems they haven’t been able to get it taken down yet.

We’ve had the same issue with Namecheap hosting a copycat imposter ToolGuyd site. Their legal contacs declined to even respond to our numerous inquiries.

Do not give the fake store any money. You’re not getting Laguna machinery at a 90%+ discount.

The fake site has some red flags, but looks like it could be legit if not for the suspiciously low prices. Large parts of the scam website looks to use code and images stolen from Laguna.

Mentions of the fake scam store having being a “guaranteed safe checkout” and “trusted store” badge are also red flags.

Laguna does sell tool directly, but not at such deep discounts.

Trust your gut feelings. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.