HART 20V Hybrid Panel Light Review

The HART 20V Panel Light Has Your Projects Covered From All Angles

For us, portable lights are an essential part of a well-rounded tool arsenal. In today’s tool market, these lights come in just about every size and shape to fit a wide variety of lighting needs. We’re turning our attention to the HART Hybrid Panel Light that delivers convenient illumination for your projects where, and when, you need it most.

HART Panel Light Performance

  • Light Output: 2000 lumens (high)
  • Max Runtime: 12 hrs.

The HART Panel Light offers four lighting settings that can be cycled through by pushing the button at the rear of the base. The first push starts you out in high, blasting 2,000 lumens from its LED panels, and a second press drops the intensity by about 1/3. A third press turns off the lower panel while maintaining the same brightness, and a fourth lowers the brightness once more.

The light quality looks solid with a pretty even application. To our eyes, the light color has a slightly bluish temperature, likely around 6000K. We did notice that there are a few lateral and horizontal artifacts on the outer edges of the light, but they don’t affect the light’s overall quality.

The HART Panel Light features two panels that adjust to give you a ton of lighting options. The top panel rotates 360°, while the bottom panel remains stationary, resulting in a wide area of coverage.

Hart Panel Light

The HART HPWL04 is part of their growing hybrid lighting lineup. This means that, while it will run on any HART 20V battery, you can also power it using the included extension cord and an outlet. This makes it especially useful during projects around the house or even during a power outage. Using a 4.0Ah battery, this light provides right around 12 hours of lighting on the Low setting.

HART Panel Light Design Notes

Hart Panel Light
  • Model: HART HPWL04
  • Power Source: HART 20V battery
  • Tripod Mount: 1/4-20 in.
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs. (bare), 4.5 lbs. (with 4.0Ah battery)

HART’s two panel design lends itself well to a variety of lighting applications. As a bare tool, it weighs 3.1 pounds. Adding a 4.0Ah battery brings the total working weight up to 4.5 pounds. This light stands 19-1/2 inches tall, fully extended, and the base is 7-1/2 inches wide and 6-3/4 inches deep.

The flat base is very stable on level ground, but there are also a few different mounting options. There are a pair of keyholes that are 2-1/2 inches apart for easy wall mounting and a single 1/4-20 inch insert for tripod mounting.

As we mentioned earlier, the top panel rotates 360° for total area coverage. However, when the LED panels are folded together in the closed position, the hard plastic backs help protect the lights from damage during transport.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with all HART 20V batteries
  • Solid top handle for easy transport

HART Panel Light Price

The HART Hybrid Panel Light is available online or in your local Walmart and retails for $79.88 as a bare tool. As of the time we’re writing this, there is not a kit option available, but HART does include an extension cord to get you started. This light comes with a 3-year limited lifetime warranty.

The Bottom Line

The HART Panel Light provides a good amount of light coverage, considering its size, and the various mounting options add to its overall utility. It’s a great “grab-and-go” lighting solution for just about any application, both for work and play. Plus, we’ll never complain about having multiple power source options for our LED work lights.

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