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Craftsman Made in USA Tool Sets are Finally Available!

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New Craftsman made in USA mechanics tool sets, advertised as being forged in Texas, are finally available at Lowe’s.

The Craftsman 88pc tool set, CMMT45018, has appeared at Lowe’s stores nationwide and are also available online.

Readers have also reported finding the new USA-made sets at Exchange stores.

Craftsman Made in USA Mechanics Tool Set at Lowes CMMT45018 on Floor

At Lowe’s stores, the Craftsman tool sets might be in different locations. My closest store put the 88pc tool set out on the floor – literally – near the usual Craftsman mechanics tool sets.

Another Lowe’s store had a promotional display near the entrance, as shown at the top of the post. I learned of one store that placed their Craftsman tool set promotional display in the lumber aisle.

Craftsman CMMT45018 Mechanics Tool Set Contents in Case

The 88pc set comes with 1/4″ and 3/8″ ratchets with 90T gearing and quick release feature, shallow and deep sockets (6pt), a couple of drive accessories, a screwdriver handle, screwdriver bits, and hex keys.

Craftsman CMMT45018 Mechanics Tool Set Contents

According to the packaging, the ratchet, sockets, and wrenches are made in the USA from global materials, and the other tools are made in Taiwan.

Price: $69.98

You might have an easier time ordering online; I had to do a lot of legwork to find the 88pc set in person.

I purchased a test sample, and while not perfect (e.g. the 3/8″ ratchet has a chrome defect), the tool quality seems to be good for the price.

Craftsman CMMT45016 Mechanics Tool Set Contents

Craftsman also has a smaller 59pc set, CMMT45016, with 3/8″ ratchet, sockets, screwdriver handle, and bits.

Price: $49.98

Craftsman 59pc Made in Texas USA Mechanics Tool Set at Lowes on Shelf

Lowe’s website reports that my closest store has 7 of the 59pc set available for delivery or free pickup within 3 hours, but I was unable to purchase a set in person.

The Lowe’s associates first told me the sets couldn’t be sold until Q3. When I asked when that would be, they said a quarter is every 3 months. Doesn’t Q3 start in July?

Then, they said that “oh, it’ll take 20 minutes to get it down because it’s on a pallet.” And then, “if we take it down and there’s a store inspection we’ll get in a lot of trouble.”

They told me to “come back in August.”

Both sets can be purchased via Lowe’s website, and so it’s not clear why they wouldn’t sell me the tool set at the store itself. This has never happened to me at Home Depot.

Hopefully you won’t run into the same obstacles.

The two mechanics tool sets – 88pc and 59pc – are both “limited time buys,” in the most literal sense possible. These tools are not being produced anymore, and so once they sell out, they won’t be restocked.

Dozens of these USA-made Craftsman tool sets have already popped up on Ebay, with prices as high as $250.