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Dewalt Upgraded FlexTorq Impact Screwdriver Bits in Popular Sizes

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Dewalt recently launched newly upgraded FlexTorq impact-rated screwdriver bits, claiming longer bit life and improved fit.

The new Dewalt FlexTorq impact screwdriver bits are advertised as featuring a torsion zone that absorbs impact energy for up to 200X longer life compared to “standard Dewalt screwdriving bits.”

Dewalt FlexTorq Screwdriver Bits Updated Design with Impact Driver

The FlexTorq Torx bits in T20, T25, T30, and T40 sizes feature redesigned tips that offer “from 2X up to 5X superior fit” compared to the previous generation.

Dewalt FlexTorq Screwdriver Bits Updated Phillips Design 2023

The Phillips #2 screwdriver bits have also received an “overhauled” geometry, letting them drive “100% more screws per bit” compared to the previous generation FlexTorq bits.

Dewalt FlexTorq Improved Phillips Bit Tip Claim

To sum it up, the Torx bits from T20 to T40 have redesigned tip geometry for improved fit and fastener engagement, the new Phillips #2 bits have a new geometry that helps them last appreciably longer than the previous generation, and all of these have a FlexTorq zone that absorbs impact energy for up to 200X longer life compared to “standard” bits, which usually refers to non-impact bits.

Dewalt FlexTorq Torsional Zone Longer Life Claim

The claims vary slightly depending on the bit. The 200X longer life claim, for example, applies specifically for the Phillips #2 bits.

Dewalt FlexTorq Improved Torx Screwdriver Bit with Torsional Zone Claim

The updated Torx T20 insert bits are simply said to deliver longer life.

Dewalt FlexTorq Improved Torx Screwdriver Bit with 3X Better Fit

The T20 insert bits are also advertised as delivering 3X superior fit, on average, compared to Dewalt’s previous generation FlexTorq bits.

I have had good experiences with Dewalt FlexTorq screwdrivers bits. In my experience, they’re plenty durable, reasonably affordable, and easily available in the sizes I need.

Better Torx fit engagement (where some brands have in my experience performed better) sounds good to me. Longer lasting Phillips #2 bits? Great!

It looks like the new bits are coming to Lowe’s.