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Bosch Gains Momentum with New 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer

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Bosch set themselves up for a big second half of 2023, with new cordless power tools – and that’s just the start of things.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at the new Bosch 18V concrete nailer, model GNB18V-12, which is described as delivering gas-powered performance and with a cordless design that’s engineered to last.

The new Bosch cordless nailer recently launched as part of their 18V ProFactor family of high performance power tools.

Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer with Profactor Battery

It features a BiTurbo brushless motor, which Bosch says takes full advantage of their higher power Core18V batteries, and an internal air-spring design for fast and consistent nailing. No air hoses or consumable gas cartridges are needed.

Bosch recommends their 18V 8Ah (GBA18V80) and 12Ah (GBA18V120) Core18V batteries for maximum tool performance.

Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer Used to Install Electrical Panel

The nailer is capable of sinking up to 1.5″ collated nails into concrete.

Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer with Fasteners

Features include:

Single-Shot Magazine and Nosepiece – this allows users to swap between collated nails and single shots needed for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) applications.

Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer Used for Window Repair

Open-System Magazine – the collated magazine can hold 22 shots, and an extra capacity 44-shot magazine is available separately.

Air-Spring Design – for fast and consistent nailing.

Removable Footpiece – provides stability when firing the nailer perpendicular to the workpiece.

Nosepiece – pressure is required for the nail to be fired. The nosepiece must be depressed again if the nail is not fired within 5 seconds.

Additional features include:

  • Depth adjustment
  • Sliding magazine lock
  • Magazine release lever
  • Tool lockout for safer transportation
  • LED worklight
Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer User Controls

It also has an on-tool user display for managing tool performance and battery life status.

Bosch GNB18V-12K14 18V Cordless Concrete Nailer Kit

The nailer is available as a tool-only (GNB18V-12N) and in a kit (GNB18V-12K14).

The kit comes with a tool carrying case, charger, and Core18V 8Ah battery.

Both the bare tool and kitted tool come with the 22-shot collated magazine, single-shot magazine, single-shot nosepiece, and a utility hook.

An extended capacity magazine (GNB44M) is available separately.

Price: $599 for tool-only, $749 for the kit

Dimensions and Weight

  • 15.9″ length
  • 12.1″ height
  • 5.4″ width
  • Weighs 9 lbs

Bosch Concrete Nails and Pins

Bosch has also come out with pins designed for use with the new cordless concrete nailer, as well as “most major concrete nailer tools.”

The pins are designed for use in A36 and A572 steel, concrete, CMU block, and sand-lightweight concrete over metal deck.

Collated Concrete Nails

Bosch Collated Concrete Nails
  • NB-063 – 5/8″
  • NB-075 – 3/4″
  • NB-100 – 1″
  • NB-125 – 1-1/4″
  • NB-150 – 1-1/2″

Collated Wood-to-Concrete Nails

Bosch Collated Wood to Concrete Nails

The CFS nails feature a spiral knurled shank.

Collated Steel/Metal Collated Nails

Bosch Collated Concrete Steel Metal Nails
  • NM-050 – 1/2″
  • NM-063 – 5/8″
  • NM-075 – 3/4″

Bosch says that their nailer and nails were ICC tested and certified together. It’s also described as an open system where you can also use competitive collated nails and single shots.


As mentioned in the title, I feel that Bosch is gaining a bit of momentum with this launch.

Here we have a brand new cordless concrete nailer, with modern tech and features, as well as a line of nails to go with it.

This isn’t all Bosch is coming out with this year. They also have a new cordless heat gun (thank you Ken for the email about this!), X-Lock angle grinder, drywall pole sander, USB charging adapter (but sadly not USB-C), and more.

On top of that, Bosch also launched their partnered AmpShare cordless system in North America.

And, Bosch also improved their 18V Limited Warranty policies, which I’ll detail in a separate post. In a nutshell, users get significant increases in tool, charger, and battery warranty periods, and product registration is recommended but no longer required for this.

Bosch says this of the new concrete nailer:

The new 18V Concrete Nailer, the newest addition to the PROFACTOR high-powered system, is expected to be a fan favorite for workers looking for a fast, consistent nailing solution.

I am not very familiar with the cordless concrete nailer landscape, but Bosch’s looks to at least be competitive.

We’ll have more Bosch 18V cordless power tool news in coming weeks.