Brunt Costello Work Shorts Review

Ah, summer, the 6 months out of the year when the temps, humidity, and rainfall are all high here in central Florida. While the official calendar might not agree with our assessment of the length of summer, we wanted to know if Brunt Costello work shorts would agree with working during those months.


  • Lightweight 5-ounce material
  • Ripstop construction
  • Reinforced pocket clip sections
  • DWR coating
  • Comfortable fit
  • Four-way stretch offers an excellent range of motion
  • 7 thoughtfully oriented pockets


  • 10-inch inseam may be a bit long for some guys

Brunt Costello Work Shorts – What They Say

The Story

“Jason Costello is a veteran landscape curber with over 20 years of experience under his belt. He’s based out of the High Desert region of Southern California which is no stranger to high heat more often than not. We collaborated on the Costello Short not just for him, but for anyone who’s working outside when it’s hotter than hell. The lightweight comfort is great for brutal summer days, and the hardy construction is ideal for the daily grind.”

Eric Girouard, Brunt Workwear Founder + CEO

Materials and Build

Brunt starts with a 5-ounce body material that’s 70% cotton, 28% nylon, and 2% Spandex. The pockets are a 65% polyester/35% cotton blend. It comes together with a mini-ripstop construction that allows for a four-way stretch. A DWR coating repels water.

The design includes a 10-inch inseam and seven pockets. You have your typical left and right front hand pockets (both have reinforcement for your knife clip) and the L/R rear pockets have an angled opening to make entry easier. On the right front, there’s a secondary pocket just above the hand pocket. On the lower right side, there’s a drop-in cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket opposite it on the left.

Brunt Costello Work Shorts – What We Say

Brunt Costello Work Shorts Review

We like going with a lightweight short in the summertime, but there’s always a bit of caution since lightweight materials also tend to rip easier. While these aren’t as light as Truewerk’s Cloud Shorts, the ripstop design makes them far more durable.

We’re also grateful for the DWR coating. With the constant threat of thunderstorms, it can be sunny one minute and we’re running for cover the next. These shorts combined with a lightweight rain jacket means we don’t have to stop mid-task as soon as the first drops start coming down. DWR isn’t full waterproofing, but it helps the light rain bead off while we wrap things up and find cover.

Brunt Costello Work Shorts Review

The fit is slightly on the comfortable side. I’m 6 feet, 2 inches tall with a size 36 waist that’s threatening to need to move up to a 38. Brunt’s 36 is just right with a little bit of room to breathe and the 10-inch inseam sits just above my knees. The four-way stretch material provides an excellent range of motion without making the Costello feel like athletic shorts.

We also like the thoughtful pocket layout. Everything we prefer to have is there, including the every-handy cell phone pocket, and the reinforcement on the edges where we clip our knives is a helpful touch.

Brunt Costello Work Shorts Price

You can get these shorts direct from Brunt for $59. Waist sizes run from 28 to 42 inches and come in either khaki or charcoal.

The Bottom Line

Brunt did a great job making the Costello work shorts comfortable enough for the hottest days yet durable enough for tough environments. Plus, they look good enough for everyday wear. If you’re looking for summer work shorts, the Brunt Costello is an outstanding choice.

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