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DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

For me, having music playing while I work is an absolute necessity because it keeps me energized and helps time move a little quicker. Typically I’ll throw in my Skullcandy earbuds, block out all the distractions, and get to work on my projects. While this is perfectly acceptable when I’m working alone at my home, it creates a myriad of potential safety concerns on professional jobsites. The DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker looks to alleviate some of these concerns while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes throughout your workday.

DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker: What They Said

The Jobsite Pro Wearable Bluetooth Speaker is extremely lightweight—right at 2oz. It clips directly to your clothes using either the integrated magnets or an easy open clip. You can also attach it to metal surfaces and enjoy a 33-foot operating range.

This wireless speaker features oversized multi-function buttons that allow for easy one-handed operation even while wearing work gloves. These buttons allow you to make hands-free calls, adjust the volume, and navigate your music without handling your smart device.

DeWalt includes a USB-C charging cord that is capable of fast charging with an enabled charging brick. You can expect up to 10 hours of continuous playtime and 8 hours of talk time from the 3.7V battery—perfect for all-day listening on the job. The LED doubles as a battery life indicator.

LED Color Remaining Battery Life
Solid Green 100%
Flashing Green 80-99%
Flashing Blue 20-80%
Flashing Red 0-20%

This speaker is rated IP56 for dust and water resistance so it’s a great option for both work and play. Bear in mind that submerging this speaker or subjecting it to prolonged exposure to a pressurized water source may affect its lifespan and sound quality.

Pair Instructions

  1. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the speaker on
  2. If not previously paired, the speaker will automatically enter pairing mode. The LED light will rapidly flash red and blue
  3. Open your device’s Bluetooth menu and select “DEWALT WEARABLE SPEAKER
  4. If prompted, enter the speaker’s default password, “0000

DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker: What We Say

DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Over the past few years, I’ve had my hands on a few different Bluetooth speakers, however, none quite this compact! The setup only took about a minute and I was ready to listen and make phone calls.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with the sound quality for being such a small speaker. You certainly won’t get concert-quality sound but even at high volume, the music came through clear and free of distortion.

As for the call quality, it was hit or miss. When the speaker was clipped to my shirt pocket, I could hear, and be heard very clearly during a call. However, when I clipped it to my belt the microphone had a very difficult time picking up my voice. This isn’t a deal breaker for me. But if you do intend to make frequent calls using this device, make sure it’s located relatively close to your mouth for optimal call quality.

DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Price

This wearable speaker retails for $64.99 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt Wearable Bluetooth Speaker is a rugged little device that’s great for all-day personal use on the job or wherever life takes you. It did struggle a little bit as a speakerphone, but as a compact speaker, it’s a welcomed addition to my tool bag.