Home Depot is Advertising Lower Prices on Milwaukee Pliers and Cutters

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My local Home Depot has “new lower price” flags for some of the Milwaukee Tool pliers and cutters on the hooks.

A closer inspection showed that many of the other models also have reduced pricing, with differences of $2 to $3 depending on the tool.

Given the timing, this could have to do with the new USA-made hand tools that Milwaukee is set to launch just a few weeks from now.

Milwaukee Pliers and Cutters at Home Depot Lower Prices 2023

The “new lower prices” are not too far off from where they were, and not every pliers or cutting tool looks to has been reduced.

Milwaukee Aviation Snips at Home Depot Lower Prices 2023

Interestingly, the aviation snips also have “new lower price” flags.

This has me wondering if the advertised price changes are connected to the launch of the upcoming USA-made screwdrivers and pliers, or if there are other strategies at play.

For example, Apex Tool Group has pushed more tools onto Home Depot’s pegs and shelves, such as in how they took the place of Estwing hammers and striking tools.

Wiss has always enjoyed a regular presence at Home Depot. There are some Crescent SKUs at Home Depot, but only a couple of pliers sizes and styles.

The lower prices could potentially be a strategy by Milwaukee to ensure they command a strong presence in the pliers aisle, especially as pricier USA-made hand tools head for the electrical tool aisle.

Looking online, standard straight-cutting Wiss aviation snips are now $16.97 at Home Depot. Milwaukee’s are now $14.97, from $16.97.

Placements for Milwaukee’s USA-made tools have not yet been made public, but we do know that Lowe’s and Klein Tools announced a new partnership earlier this year.

So, lower prices on Milwaukee pliers and cutters could potentially have been done to widen the difference between import and USA-made models, as a strategic move to counter competitive efforts, or some other completely unrelated reason.

Whatever the reasons, the lower prices seemed noteworthy.

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