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Franklin ProSensor M210 Electronic Stud Finder

Franklin Sensors makes some of the best stud finders in the world. The Franklin ProSenor M210 is the brand’s top-of-the-line stud finder and is very similar to the impressive 710+. We’re taking a closer look at what sets this model apart within Franklin’s lineup and against its stiff competition.

Using the Franklin ProSensor M210 Stud Finder

Franklin’s 710/710+ (one has a bubble level and the other doesn’t) became one of the industry’s top professional stud finders and the M210 builds on that success. It has 13 sensors capable of scanning 1.7 inches deep and covering a 7-inch width. That’s deeper than many entry-level stud finders detect and it’s always on, so you don’t need to worry about switching between shallow and deep scanning.

The big departure between the two is that the M210 includes 21 LED stud sensors instead of 13. When you locate a standard stud, 5 LEDs cover it, giving you a more precise center location.

There’s no need to calibrate the M210. Just set it flat against the wall, press the button in the center and slowly move it across the wall until you find the stud you’re looking for.

If there’s a live AC wire behind the drywall, an indicator in the center lights up to let you know.

There’s also a built-in bubble level to help you mark straight across the stud or the entire length of the M210’s housing.

This model is a rock star when it comes to detecting studs in drywall. However, it’s not the best option if you’re dealing with plaster and lathe. Most electronic stud finders struggle with that material, and we find it’s best to use a metal scanner such as Zircon’s m4 to get more consistent results.

Key Highlights

  • 13 sensors
  • 1.7-inch deep scan (always on)
  • Detects wood and metal studs
  • Detects live AC
  • 21 LED stud indicators
  • Full-width stud sensing
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • No calibration required
  • Pencil caddy
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Made in the USA
  • $62.99

Franklin ProSensor M210 Stud Finder Price

As the flagship stud finder in Franklin’s lineup, the M210 is also the most expensive. It runs $62.99 and includes a 3-year warranty. Like all of its stud finders, this is a Made in the USA product that uses global materials in its construction.