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Are there Fewer Father’s Day Tool Deals this Year?

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Where are all of the Father’s Day tool deals?

Jim wrote in – “Is it just me or are there actually few if any real Father’s Day tool sales of my memories?” No, it’s not just you. I think.

There are still tool deals to be had, but not as many as in prior years.

Big box stores, namely Home Depot and Lowe’s have been putting up sizable displays of cordless outdoor power tools for the spring season. Other tool promotions have gone up in the main aisles for Father’s Day, but not many are aimed at gift givers anymore.

Many of the in-store promotions are of the impulse-buy variety – hammer bundles, new power tool accessory assortments and bundles, and things like that. But stores have been light on even those deals.

There’s a big push for “Ryobi Days” deals, but that’s just at Home Depot.

A lot of the promotions can be subbed up in a single word – “meh.”

Amazon’s Prime Day is coming up next month, and most online retailers – the larger ones at least – are going to participate and turn it into a summer Black Friday type of event. But Father’s Day and Prime Day aren’t mutually exclusive tool deal events.

Is this a perception issue, or is there a dearth of tool deals this year? Frankly, I’m not sure.

I had been wondering if I was just jaded with the current promotions. “Black Friday” last year was a nearly 3-month affair, and this year’s Father’s Day promos don’t compare to that at all.

Specialty retailers haven’t had many deals this year either. For instance, one of my favorite knife and multi-tool retailers looked to have put barely any effort into their Father’s Day deals this year, with no special freebies, stickers, or accessories for the first time in a while.

Are there fewer deals, or is it just that the deals and promotions are just not appealing to us?