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Readers’ Choice Review Suggestions?

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What do you want to see reviewed on ToolGuyd? Any suggestions or requests would be welcome!

I have been cleaning up my workspace (again), and have been rejiggering my schedule and editorial calendar.

To be frank, I recently realized that I’m not having as much fun as I’d like. Because of that, I’m making sure my schedule allows for sufficient personal project time.

While I’m at it, I want to ensure there’s also more time for readers’ interest reviews and explorations.

3 years ago, when I posted about the then-new Bantam CNC milling machine, I mentioned the idea of benchtop mill conversions. I’ve fielded a couple of questions and recommendations requests since then. I finally finished budgeting for it, and just ordered the Precision Matthews PM-728VT benchtop mill, shown above.

I’m not sure how in-depth my eventual CNC mill conversion coverage will be, but I’m taking notes every step of the way as I research all of the many components.

A couple of readers expressed interest in more flashlight reviews from varied brands. Absolutely!

A reader recently asked for knife recommendations with a 3″ max blade size. I can do that! I gave them some quick recommendations, and a more formal post is in the works.

A reader asked for Makita XGT cordless reviews. I’m working on it!

The way I see it, my time will be split four ways – personal interest projects and tool reviews, sponsored personal interest projects and tool reviews, general audience tool reviews, readers’ choice tool reviews.

Every now and then a regular reader will say “I wish you had more posts about [type of tool]” or “how come you don’t post more about [tool, brand, category]?”

Generally, ToolGuyd has 2 types of readers – regulars who check in day to day, and visitors looking for information. Sometimes we’ll also get visitors who came across a post on their news feed.

I know that I sometimes feel let down when the sites I follow don’t touch upon certain topics. If you’re checking in on ToolGuyd regularly, as opposed to only coming here to research a specific purchasing decision, you could have a say in what you read about.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s requests. But, many overlap with my own interests and experience, and others should be easily achievable.

Let me know what you want to see more of, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Lastly, shown above is the Precision Matthews PM-728VT benchtop mill. It’s been on my shopping list for a few years now, and I finally ordered one!