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Titan Connected Smart Paint Sprayer – Impact 1140I/1140A

Titan Brings In-App Connectivity for Professional Painters

Paint sprayers help Pros achieve an even, uniform look on painting projects. While they’re not a new concept, there are ways to improve the formula to make using them even more convenient. That’s what Titan is going for with the 1140I and 1140IA smart paint sprayers. We’re looking at how these sprayers stand out amongst the brand’s other models and what new features they bring to the table.

Titan Smart Paint Sprayers: The Big Deal

These professional-targeted paint sprayers are recommended for applying 300 to 400 gallons of paint per week. They’re compatible with stains, lacquers, enamels, fillers, and paints on large and commercial projects.

What sets the 1140I and 1140IA paint sprayers apart is their in-app connectivity that lets you monitor, and track, and adjust the settings on your machine using your mobile device. The sprayers connect to the MyTitan app using Bluetooth IntelliSync Technology.

Using the app, you can control features like pressure, runtime, and paint consumption. You can also keep track of your 1140IA’s location using GPS tracking, even when the sprayer is powered off or not connected to a mobile device.

Another new feature to the Impact 1140I and 1140IA sprayers is Titan’s Logix Adaptive Pressure Control System. This tip-sensing technology pairs with the sprayers’ DuraLife Brushless HE motors to adjust power and pump speed to deliver a steady paint flow with consistent pressure.

Additional Information

  • Model: Titan 1140I / Titan 1140IA
  • Two-gun design
  • Auto-oiler
  • Convenient EZ tilt cart
  • Tool-free Quick-Removal fluid section

Titan Smart Paint Sprayers Price

The Impact 1140I sprayer retails for $6330 and the 1140IA retails for $6830. Titan backs your purchase with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on the DuraLife Brushless motors and drive trains. You can find these sprayers at your favorite professional paint and equipment retailer, or click the button below to find a dealer.