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What’s The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Done On A Job?

Thursdays can drone on forever, so we thought we’d spice things up for you! We asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram… what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done on a job? From the painful to the confessional, the answers were interesting. Here are some of our favorites:

Sliding Out in Style

Worked at a big box in college in lumber. Manager wanted all plywood shelves full after store close. The other lumber guy and I hopped on forklifts and stared hauling butt because we wanted to go home. I pulled down a whole bunk of 3/4 birch plywood (the most expensive item in the aisle) and cut the straps to throw away at the back door so I didn’t have to carry them back then took off full speed towards the front. Didn’t notice forks were tilted slightly down. Hit brakes hard to avoid the other forklift. Every sheet slid off the one under like a deck of cards and across the floor into the register stand. Every sheet was damaged and the checkout was destroyed. Kinda picked up but couldn’t do much about the checkout. Next day the Manager just showed me the video tape as he was firing me.


Expanding Problems

We warmed some frozen expanding foam a little too much 💥 💥 💥 🫧 🫧 🫧


Tabling the Idea for Now

First time I was asked to cut drywall, I brought the sheet outside and ran it through the table saw. It was quite the sight. Big cloud of white dust. The amish guys that were working on site thought it was hilarious 😂


Never Leave Your Wingman

Full house reno, removed the kitchen, and put new service valves on the pipework. Went out to the road, turned the water back on and had a smoke as colleague was using the facilities. He was sat there screaming only left the service valves open 😂😂


Feeling Drained

Hotel pool on 8th floor, changing chemical pump below on 7. Shut off supply, distracted, then disconnected pump. I thought the first rush of water was because I didn’t drain the line. Then I realized I was draining the pool the hard way. I looked like a drowned rat when my partner got back.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

I accidentally spilled a quart can of dark walnut stain on a clients white carpet. They had glass windchimes hanging from the ceiling I didn’t see, ran into the chimes, and the coffee table got the better of me. All over.


We Won’t Tell Anyone

Mistakenly threw out the box with all the blueprints and other important paperwork. Set us back 3 weeks. No one knows it was me.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Once management at my work place said that if any employee could recommend an idea to make the job safer they’d get a $50 bonus… I mentioned that if they hung the pneumatic box stapler from a boom the air hose wouldn’t get tangled up in the boxes and the chance of getting stapled while trying to untangle it would be eliminated. (It happened before). Anyway I won and they asked if I’d make it happen. After welding the boom and swivel assembly, I attached it to wall and began to attach the hose using heavy duty wire ties. The hose was tangled in a big pile of boxes, so I grabbed the stapler and began freeing the hose from the pile of boxes…I heard CA-THUNK! Sure enough…..had a big box staple right in the meaty section between my thumb and fingers. I asked the Forman for some needle nose pliers and he said, “why? You got a staple in your hand?” I asked him how he knew and he said, “the last person that asked me for needle nose pliers did too.” 

Gary Mills

Seeing Red

Lost my temper and made everyone clear out in a hurry.. 🙌👹🤐 I’m better now, mostly… ok I’m still working on it… 🧐

Brian Apodaca

It Worked for MacGuyver

put a circular saw upside down, zip tied the trigger and safety on and used it as a table saw. one person held the saw and the other ran the cuts down the chalk lines. we had to do plunge cuts too, surprised no one got hurt that day.

Forrest Parker

Puttin’ the Squeeze on ‘Em

Put plywood on top of wet mud with a plate compactor to squeeze out the extra water.. d.u.m. lol

Phillip Garcia

Gore-y Ending

Got gored in the back by a goat…

Allen Schulkens

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