Magliner Gemini Sr Convertible Hand Truck & Cart

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The Magliner Gemini Sr is a convertible hand truck with a 500 lb load capacity in 2-wheel mode, and 1000 lb capacity in 4-wheel mode.

It features a modular design where users can add different components or accessories to suit various needs, tasks, and loads.

Magliner describes the Gemini as having a strong and lightweight construction with bolted cross braces that are up to 10X more rigid and over 2X as strong as riveted braces.

Magliner Gemini Sr Convrtible Hand Truck in Vertical Mode

The Gemini Sr looks to be their standard model, and Magliner also makes a smaller Jr model, and a slightly wider and taller XL model.

The Magliner Gemini Sr comes standard with 10″ pneumatic tires and 5″ x 1-1/4″ swivel casters.

Assembly is required.

Price: $330 at the time of this posting
COO: Made in USA


I ordered a Magliner Sr – standard configuration – earlier today and will report back once I put it together and start using it.

I need a rolling platform cart to move heavy freight deliveries up the driveway from the curb, and move boxes and equipment around in the workshop. An easier way to move bulkier boxes and equipment up and down stairs would be nice too.

Dollies are too small. Flat-bed wagons seem imperfectly suited for what I’m looking for, and aren’t convenient to store.

What I like about the Gemini Sr is that it can be equipped with different wheels, such as microcellular foam wheels, if pneumatic are too much of a hassle over time.

The cost of the hand cart plus separate wheels is less than buying a microcellular wheel-equipped cart from the start, and so I’ll at least give the pneumatic wheels a try.

A stair climber kit – attachable rails with low-friction skid bars – is an inexpensive add-on (~$33 at this time) that would expand the cart’s usability.

I have been very hard on folding hand carts over the years, as well as small platform carts. When they break, parts are never available. I never replaced the last one that broke.

There are equipment carts for less money, but I couldn’t find any that matched the Magliner’s 500/1000 lb capacity in their 2- and 4-wheel configurations.

This one has higher capacity, as well as larger wheels, and the modular nature won me over. If I need replacement wheels 5 years from now, I’ll be able to find them easily. Looking over Magliner’s website reassured me on this – they have all kinds of replacement parts available.

It was not easy to justify the expense, but I figured that if I have to buy a folding or convertible cart, I might as well spend a little more on something that can handle heavier and long-term use.

I was also pleased to see that it’s made in the USA.

As a convertible hand cart, the Gemini Sr weighs more than non-convertible 2-wheel and 4-wheel hand trucks and carts. Its 45 lb weight should still be manageable, but that’s still roughly 20 more pounds to roll up or down stairs.

My main usage will be on flat ground or the inclined driveway, but the stair climber rail attachments are inexpensive enough that I’ll likely try them out if all goes well.

In addition to the stair climber kit, Magliner also has snap-on back panels and folding nose extensions.

Rock-N-Roller R12RT Folding Multi-Cart

I had also been looking at the Rock-N-Roller R12RT all-terrain multi-cart, which has a 500 lb load capacity. It’s the same price as the Magliner, and they also have smaller and less expensive models.

The Rock-N-Roller is more compact, but the Magliner seems more customizable if needed and has double the load capacity in 4-wheel mode.

Gator Frameworks All-Terrain Folding Multi-Utility Cart

There’s also the Gator Frameworks all-terrain model, priced at $320. Like the Rock-N-Roller, the Gator has a 500 lb load capacity and extendable bed.

I came across many other similarly-styled convertible carts on Amazon.

While I like the idea of larger swivel casters, the Magliner seemed like a better solution overall, at least for my needs. The other models discussed here have no-flat non-pneumatic tires by default.

For about the same money, the Magliner looks to be a better value.

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