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Hilti Nuron 22V Cordless LED Light

We’ve been talking a lot about Hilti’s Nuron technology and the tools on this revamped 22V lineup. But what about Hilti Nuron 22V cordless LED light options? They exist, and there are a couple of solid models to help you out.

Hilti Nuron 22V Cordless LED Work Light (SL 2-22)

When you need a light close by in confined spaces or you’re looking for a compact model, the Hilti SL2-22 is the answer. Its design is even handy as an inspection light for paint and drywall. With 500 lumens of neutral-colored output, it doesn’t blast light at a blinking intensity when you’re working with the light close to you.

There are several ways to get light where you need it. There’s a retractable hook and an optional magnetic holder. Of course, it stands up just fine on its own as well with the weight of the battery providing a stable base.

Then there’s the pivoting head. It pivots beyond 180° from front to back and then twists all the way around. No matter what position you need to set the light in, you can pivot and twist to direct the output at your workspace.

  • 500 lumens
  • Low-battery warning
  • Pivoting, twisting head

Price: $69.00 bare tool

Hilti Nuron 22V Cordless LED Construction Light (SL 6-22)

Hilti Nuron 22V Cordless LED Construction Light (SL 6-22)

When you need to light up a larger area, Hilti’s SL 6-22 is the way to go. Four LEDs combine to produce 3000 lumens with a broad throw of clean, neutral-colored light. It’s right at home lighting up walls or proving safety lighting in a full room.

The head is able to pivot 360°. Combined with the ability to sit on its base, hang by the base or hook, or connect to a standard 5/8-inch tripod, you have a lot of ways to put your light source where you want it.

  • 3000 lumens
  • Low-battery warning

Price: $269.00 bare tool

As Hilti expands the Nuron lineup, what lights would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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