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Have You Bought into a Modular Tool Box System Yet?

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Have you bought into a modular tool box or storage system yet?

What about Milwaukee Packout?


Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0?

Flex Stack Pack Tool Storage and Accessory Lineup 2022

Flex Stack Pack?

There’s also Klein’s new ModBox system, Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0, Ryobi Link, Craftsman Versastack and Tradestack systems, Kobalt Case Stack, and consumer systems by Husky, Hart, and others.

Oh – and let’s not forget Bosch L-Box, Festool Systainers, Metabo Metabox, and a couple of others also available right now.

The concept is sound. All of these brands offer modular tool storage products – tool boxes, organizers, bags, accessories, and more – that can stack and latch together.

Modular tool boxes are indeed more convenient than working with a loose bunch of separate tool boxes, crates, organizers, and accessories of all different kinds.

You do pay for that convenience, however, as modular tool box systems tend to be priced at a premium.

But before modular tool and part storage systems, did we have tool boxes with built-in battery chargers? Cordless vacuums that can attach to a tool box in seconds? Bags that can be mix and matched with job-specific organizers?

You don’t necessarily have to dive deep into any one modular storage system. Sticking with a system is most convenient, which is usually true for cordless power tools, mirrorless cameras, mobile electronics, and other types of products where you’re buying into a product ecosystem. But it’s okay to buy just what you need or want from a modular tool storage system.

Have you bought into a modular tool box system? Which one(s)? If not, are you waiting for specific needs to be met, or are they simply not suited for you?