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Klein ModBox System will get Organizers and Drawer Tool Boxes

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The new Klein ModBox tool storage system is launching soon, with a couple of tool boxes, tool bags, and accessories.

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Klein provided a teaser as to what they will launch following the initial wave of ModBox tool boxes and accessories:

Among the noteworthy introductions slated for release in 2023 and 2024 are a variety of different sized modular drawers to fit various components and tools, several customizable pouches and bags that will allow for tools to be switched out in seconds, and more.

Via the brand’s ModBox “Buildverse” feature, we spotted their upcoming modular organizers and 2-drawer and 3-drawer tool boxes.

Following is a sneak peek at some of the “coming soon” products.

Klein ModBox 2-Drawer Tool Box

To start off, there will be a 2-drawer ModBox tool box. Klein’s Buildverse configuration tool only has one image for each of these products, and no details or specs.

Still, we can see that at least one of the drawers will feature removable dividers.

Klein ModBox 3-Drawer Tool Box

The 3-drawer tool box appears to be the same size, but with shallower drawers. The one open drawer also gives us a peek at its removable dividers.

Klein ModBox Organizer Tool Box Tall Full Width

There will be 5 different “component boxes” – parts organizers with translucent lids.

Shown here is a full width organizer.

Klein ModBox Organizer Tool Box Short Full Width

There will also be a low-profile organizer.

Klein ModBox Organizer Tool Box Tall Half Width

Next, there will be half-width organizers, also in tall and shallow sizes.

Klein ModBox Organizer Tool Box Short Half Width

The taller organizers have folding handles, and the shallow ones have fixed handles. This presumably allows them to provide a deeper grip while also being able to rest flat on a surface or in a stack of tool boxes.

It might sound obvious for shorter tool boxes and organizers to not have folding handles that dip below their bases, but I own a couple that do.

The handle juts out a bit, similar to what Milwaukee does with their low profile Packout organizers, but it’s a reasonable compromise.

Klein ModBox Organizer Tool Box Short Slim Size

Lastly, Klein will also have a ModBox component box that’s described as being short, half width, and slim.

We’re waiting to hear back from Klein to see if they can provide any further details. If not, we’ll learn more as they launch in later 2023 or 2024.

We’re also waiting to hear from Klein as to where the ModBox products are manufactured. According to retail listings, the tool boxes and accessories are made in China.