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EGO Power+ E-Steer 42-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

EGO Introduces A New Style Of Steering To Its Zero Turn Mower

EGO’s original Z6 zero-turn lawn mower changed what we thought a battery-powered model would be. The team followed it up with a 52-inch version, upping the power along with the deck size. So what’s next? A 60-inch deck? Nope. The EGO E-Steer zero-turn lawn mower (ZT4205S) is targeting a different aspect of the mowing experience.


  • Easy to learn steering system
  • Control right at your fingertips
  • Battery gauge on the wheel
  • True zero turning radius
  • 22HP gas power equivalent
  • Excellent cut quality
  • Quick charging
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat with armrests
  • A variety of accessories are available


  • There is some screen glare

EGO E-Steer Zero Turn Mower Performance

  • 4 independent brushless motors (two drive and two blade)
  • 22HP gas equivalent
  • 6 battery ports with onboard charging
  • 2.5-acre runtime with four 12Ah batteries
  • 1.5 – 4.5-inch cutting heights (10 positions)
  • 4 – 8 MPH forward speeds

If you’re already familiar with EGO’s original 42-inch Z6, the performance is virtually the same. The E-Steer has a 22HP equivalent that’s confident cutting even when it’s dealing with moderate overgrowth.

The battery loadout is a bit different, owing to the availability of 12Ah batteries that hadn’t launched a the time of the original. As for runtime, EGO says you can expect to cut up to 2.5 acres on a charge with the four 12Ah batteries that come with the mower.

Battery Bank

We needed to do our first good mowing of the spring, meaning that the grass was higher than normal but also drier. In those conditions, we were able to cut for just under 53 minutes with the blades at high and the drive speed at high in Standard mode.

Cutting at 6 MPH, that’s 2.25 acres, making EGO’s estimate very reasonable. In light cutting conditions, we think you could cut even more. The mower holds 6 batteries, so you actually have the ability to increase your runtime by 50% with two more 12Ah batteries.

With the four batteries that come in the kit, the charger gets you back up to 100% in 2.5 hours or less.

EGO Power+ E-Steer 42-Inch Zero Turn Mower Design

EGO Power+ E-Steer 42-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Steering Wheel
  • Steering wheel with electronic power steering
  • Accelerator pedal
  • True zero-turn radius
  • Steering wheel-mounted controls with LCD screen
  • Comfortable seat with armrests
  • Adjust seat position
  • Adjustable seat spring tension
  • 32 LED headlights with on/off switch
  • Audible reverse warning
  • 42-inch stamped steel deck
  • Side discharge, bag, and mulch capable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB device charger
  • IPX4 ingress rating

Driving Experience

This zero-turn mower is special due to its steering technology. The E-Steer technology allows it to be driven like a car using the mower’s racing-style steering wheel, while still giving you the tight turn radius you would expect with a zero-turn mower. It’s true electronic power steering, so there’s no muscling the wheel the way you do with a lawn tractor.

Unlike lap bars, the EGO E-Steer zero-turn mower uses an accelerator pedal for movement. To reverse, you need to pull the reverse paddles on the wheel toward you and hold them. Once you release them, the mower automatically shifts back to forward.

EGO Power+ E-Steer 42-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

There’s no brake pedal aside from the parking brake. However, the mower responds quickly when you take your foot off of the accelerator, stopping within a few feet.

The EGO ZT4205S has a true zero turning radius. When you turn the wheel all the way to the left or right, you can see the inward wheel slightly reversing to ensure you get that ultra-tight turn. It’s also much easier to course correct than lap bars.

We set one of our least ZT-experienced crewmembers on it to see how quickly he could adapt. Literally minutes after getting on for the first time, he was mowing like a Pro. In his words, “if you’ve never used a ZT, this mower is going to feel like a hand in a glove.”

Even for those of us who have hundreds of hours of lap bar experience, the transition is pretty simple.

Integrated Controls

Controls and Screen

Then there’s the steering wheel itself. The controls shift from the driver’s right side the way it is on the original Z6 models and puts them all at your fingertips. The exceptions are the key, on/off button, and blade engagement—they’re all still on the side.

Side Controls

The buttons on the left adjust your drive speed. That’s in addition to the modes (Control/Normal/Sport) you can switch between with the lower buttons. If you want the smoothest operation, go with Control. Sport gives your the fastest acceleration and response, and Normal mode is a middle ground between the two.

Finally, there’s the blade speed adjustment on the right of the wheel. With maintenance cuts in dry grass, level 2 or 3 does well for our bahiagrass and St. Augustine. Once the rains get going and we’re getting a lot of growth each week, kicking the blades all the way up ensures we still get a quality, even cut.

The only downside we found was that the screen had significant glare when were cutting with the sun high in the sky.

Additional Highlights

  • Comfortable seat with armrests
  • Adjust seat position
  • Adjustable seat spring tension
  • 32 LED headlights with on/off switch
  • Audible reverse warning

EGO Power+ E-Steer 42-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Price

The EGO ZT4205S comes with four 12Ah batteries and a charger with an onboard plugin for $5999. There’s also a combo that comes with a host of accessories for $6989:

  • EGO E-Steer Zero Turn Mower
  • Mulching Plug
  • Bagger Kit
  • Storage Bin
  • Sun Shade
  • Cover

If you don’t need the entire suite of accessories, they’re available individually as well.

Be sure to register your purchase to ensure you get EGO’s full 5-year warranty on the mower, batteries, and charger.

The Bottom Line

Combining the ease of a lawn tractor’s steering wheel with the turning radius of a ZT and adding controls and tech at your fingertips is something we haven’t seen before on a residential riding mower. There’s always some risk when you do something that innovative, but EGO’s team did their homework and nailed it. If the idea of a traditional ZT’s controls sounds intimidating, the EGO E-Steer makes having zero-turn capability easy without any gas engine hassles.

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