My First-Ever Eklind USA-Made Hex Tool Purchase

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Eklind is a highly-regarded manufacturer of hex tools. They make Allen keys, T-handle drivers, folding tools, and other sorts of hex drivers.

I am sure I have used Eklind tools before, as brands like this often manufacture tools for other brands. Some of my equipment purchases have included Eklind tools in their maintenance packages.

But until today, I have never purchased any Eklind-branded tools. Whenever it came time to make a new purchase, other brands always won me over, such as Bondhus or PB Swiss.

It recently became very clear that my parents and other family need good quality hex keys. Let’s just say that a recent visit involved loose dining room table legs, a folding hex key tool, and a bag full of miscellaneously sourced Allen keys.

As an aside, I really need to make another shoebox-sized portable tool kit to travel with.

Bondhus is my go-to for USA-made hex keys, but their current pricing seems a bit high. (The same is true across the tool industry right now.) Their 22pc set is now more than $31 at Amazon and other retailers, which I feel is a bit too much for basic hex keys.

When searching other retailers for better pricing, I came across the Eklind 13222 set – a 22pc set of inch and metric hex keys for less than $21. Sold!

These Eklind L-keys have straight hex short ends, and ball hex long ends, similar to Bondhus and many other brands’ hex key sets.

I promptly ordered a set for my parents, and another for my brother-in-law.

With what I have heard about Eklind over the years, these hex keys should work well and last a very long time. Just to be sure, I ordered one for myself as well.

If you’re looking for a new set of basic but trustworthy ball-end USA-made hex keys, these might be fitting for you too.

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