TikToker Spots Dalek-Like Security Droid at Lowe’s

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On TikTok, .feralbruja posted a video clip (embedded below) of what appears to be a Dalek-shaped security robot patrolling outside of a Philadelphia-area Lowe’s.

Have you seen security droids outside your Lowe’s store yet?

Knightsope Security Robot at Lowes Store Closeup 2023

A closer look reveals the robot to be a Knightscope K5, which is equipped with 360° video, 16 microphones, 4 cameras, LIDAR, sonar, GPS, text-to-speech capabilities, and speakers that play music.

Knightscope Robots in Egg Cartons

Knightscope specializes in autonomous security, with pricing estimates of $0.75 to $9 an hour across their product range.

Knightscope Robot vs Human Comparison Chart

Knightscope’s autonomous security robots (ASR) are described as always trained and on time, always on their best behavior, and they follow orders consistently. Humans? Inconsistent.

Knightscope is cheeky on social media as well as on their website, with phrases such as “We LOVE humans…” in a section about public response.

Knightscope Robot Hugged by Human

Knightscope… they love humans, and humans love them! The image of a person hugging the robot comes from their careers page.

It is unclear if the robot spotted at Lowe’s is part of a trial run or limited contract.

The company announced in November 2022 that they had tripled their annualized revenue. They have been also landing new contracts and announcing new activations across the country.

If you haven’t seen one of these robots yet, you just might sometime soon.

Skynet could not be reached for comment.

Here is the video:

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