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Festool Teases New Bluetooth Earbuds for Pros

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Festool is launching new hearing protection – wireless Bluetooth-connected earbuds (GHS 25 I) that they say are “your daily companion in the bodyshop or on the construction site.”

Festool says:

For good conversation. In safety. The ear protection for professionals.

Festool BlueTooth Hearing Protection

The Festool GHS 25 I earbuds are advertised as having a 25 dB NRR (USA specs have not been shared), and IP67 protection against dust, water, and sweat.

The charging case can be recharged via USB-C. Battery life is 13 hours for the earbuds. With the fully recharged case able to charge the earbuds, battery life is up to 38 hours.

Isotunes Free Aware Hearing Protection

The new Festool Bluetooth earbuds look a lot like the IsoTunes Free Aware Bluetooth hearing protection earbuds.

Isotunes Free Aware Hearing Protection Earbuds

The IsoTunes have similar specs – 13 hours of runtime per charge, and up to 26 hours of additional runtime via the charging case.

The IsoTunes Free Aware earbuds are also IP67-rated against sweat, water, and dust.

Festool Bluetooth Hearing Protection on Systainer Tool Box

These Festool-branded hearing protection earbuds will be launching in Europe in May 2023.

Festool USA has not provided press materials, product details, pricing, or availability information, but their influencers have been posting about them on social media, suggesting their eventual release here.

If you can’t wait, the IsoTunes Free Aware earbuds are available now for $199. I’m afraid to guess how much the Festool-branded ones will cost.


Are these just IsoTunes earbuds with Festool colors and labeling?

Festool Micro Systainer

Personally, I think this is a missed opportunity for Festool to popularize their micro-sized Systainer. That would have been cute.

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